Sean Shaffer: Provide for needs of Carroll

Let's get the demographics out of the way. I am a seventh generation resident of Carroll County and have lived here for 34 years, born in Carroll County General and lived in Westminster since (Well, a short stint in Manchester). I have seen businesses come and go and prefabricated communities rise up. I grew up with rolling farmland and open green spaces.

But we are losing that to private corporations and housing developers. Do we need anymore $3 million homes that won't get sold and have to be auctioned ? Businesses we attract are national franchises that provide no jobs and take profits from our local economy. All the growth has been commercial retail that suck resources like a hemophiliac vampire and provide no jobs or return no value to the community.

There is no reason to complain and whine about the curriculum and testing standards being taught to our children when the only jobs they can get on graduation is cashiers or stock boy. There are no skills required in such positions, what are we supposed to be teaching them to prepare them for a career of nothing. Corporations don't even want trained personnel, they claim as much but corporate middle management prefers monkeys that sit down, shut up and do as they're told. Unskilled labor that can follow instructions in a white binder is favored over a trained skill labor that can think and act independently.

We need local efforts to support workers and small businesses. Wages that recompense workers for their productivity. And we need to keep corporations out of our individual lives. There is no need to sell out all public services to private interests. A smart grid does not need smart meters on your home. The only purpose for a utility to do so is to control your lives and spy on your activity. Phone and internet services are already watched by corporations and the government and now your electricity usage as well. No one needs to know what's plugged in your wall or how much power it is using.

Automation and technology has lead to massive productivity but workers have never been paid for it. People call it a jobless recovery, but in actuality it is a Jobless Economy. No one needs to work. Existing technology make it possible; from when raw materials are collected from the earth to when the final product is delivered to your front door, no one needs to hold those jobs. Students don't need schools, we can have distance learning over the internet; though it doesn't matter to teach them anything since there are no jobs.

Special interests win votes on projects that are detrimental to our communities. Do we need a conveyor belt stretching for miles across the county, or an extended runway ? Every memorial day you can tour a military bomber at the airport, one of the biggest planes there is, but a aerial photography company can't take off with a full tank ? Or a waste plant that can't even get off the ground, and 'we' owe them three million dollars ?

Personal agendas rule the governance of the county. Previous commissioners argue and fight like toddlers, believe black UN helicopters are circling our heads and think that they own the sandbox. We already have non-partisan races in politics, not because we have cooperation between Democrats and Republicans but rather because we replaced such terms with Conservative or Liberal or Tea Party. We need to stop the bickering and infighting and get back to providing for the needs of the free citizens of Carroll County.

We need leaders that understand the issues and have plans to address them. I plan to improve healthcare, education, jobs and the environment. I would like to bring skilled job functions to this county or create opportunities for local businesses to do so. Wage increases to match worker productivity and keep it tied to GDP. When we last paid workers what they were worth it would be 15.20 in today's dollars. But GDP has increased 400% since then, minimum wage should be around 76 dollars. It's simple math, even Common core students should be able to figure this out.