Chair Shots: WrestleMania main events take shape on WWE Raw

With Elimination Chamber and the follow-up Raw in the books, we now officially know the four main event matches at WWE WrestleMania 28. And there are few surprises among them, with the exception of one hellacious stipulation.

Triple H officially accepted the Undertaker's WrestleMania challenge, but insisted that if they were to have one more match, they "go all the way." By this, he meant he would only accept the match if it was contested inside Hell in a Cell. Collectively, the two icons of the Attitude Era have competed in 19 Hell in a Cell matches (Undertaker 11, Triple H 8). That includes only once when they were opponents in the only six-man cell match at Armegeddon 2000 that was a predeccesor to the Elimination Chamber.

Since both men keep talking about how they are part of a different era, a different breed, I hope they really bring it for Hell in a Cell. Yes, I'm talking someone bleeding like a stuck pig and someone taking one of those "Oh my God, I think he's dead" bumps that Mick Foley did so well.

The promo was a little drawn out, but no surprise there. Triple H declined multiple times before Undertaker said he wasn't as good as Shawn Michaels, which apparently got the Game going. Interesting, considering Michaels is going to be back on Raw in a few weeks.

Undertaker wore a longcoat with a hood, covering what many are speculating is a shaved head. If you care about that sorta thing. Taker was off his game for the first part of the promo, but when he cut Triple H off with an authoritative "shut up," things picked up and both men hit their stride.

Of note, although neither one outright said it, both alluded to the fact that this will be the final match for both men. If Undertaker goes 20-0, I believe this will in fact be it for him, although I'd love to see him do WrestleMania every year for the next five to get to 25-0. For Triple H, I doubt he'll stay retired, but he'll probably wrestle less than we've seen in recent years. However, he'll be there in case of an emergency such as an injury to a top star or just something to spike a rating or buyrate. ...

Also made official Monday night was the much-anticipated WWE Championship match with CM Punk defending against Chris Jericho. To earn the spot, Jericho won a 10-man battle royal featuring the losers of the two Elimination Chamber matches Sunday. He and Punk, who was on commentary and was much better than Michael Cole, had a stare-down as the show went off the air. The match itself was fine, but if you didn't know who was winning, you haven't been paying attention.

Jericho last eliminated his former tag team partner, the Big Show, with an assist from Cody Rhodes, whom Show had eliminated a few minutes earlier. Show chased him backstage as Jericho celebrated, teasing a feud between Show and the Intercontinental Champion.

The match was overshadowed by a big spot where Show tossed Dolph Ziggler outside onto Wade Barrett and R-Truth, and Barrett injured his arm while Ziggler's face smacked against the announce table. Barrett will be out 6 to 8 weeks with a partially dislocated elbow, accoridng to ...

Of course, we already knew about John Cena vs. the Rock at WrestleMania, but Cena added a lot of fuel to that somewhat dormant fire with an intense promo Monday that was his best in quite a while. Cena showed a lot of passion and intensity, saying the Rock was no longer the "People's Champion" but rather the "champion with people" referring to his entourage. He raised his familiar gripes with the Rock promising to never leave WWE again, yet being gone almost immediately after making those claims.

He had most of the fans on his side by the end of the segment, but that might've had more to do with running down Eve Torres at the beginning of the show. The show opened with her talking to the Bellas about how she duped and used Zack Ryder and how she planned to do the same to Cena, making her heel turn complete. Cena found out about the plan, and when she tried to apologize in the ring in the next segment, he called her a Hoeski and a Skankopotomus. Then he mouthed to the camera "I'm back." Is this what embracing the hate is all about?

The Rock will be at next week's Raw to address Cena. ...

Sheamus picked up significant victory over Mark Henry in Raw's opening match. Sheamus beat Henry clean, an impressive feat considering the World's Strongest Man's recent run of domination in late 2011. The match-up was worthy of PPV billing, the actual match was more or less a squash. Great for Sheamus -- who needs all the momentum he can get heading into his World Championship match with Daniel Bryan -- not so great for Henry. Bryan won a squash match too, against Santino Marella, who took him to the limit a night earlier at Elimination Chamber. ...

Perhaps the most interesting match was a tag team contest that saw the makeshift team of Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeat the tag champions Epico and Primo clean. I assume that will set up a title match in the near future between the two teams. Don't be shocked if Kofi and Truth win, only to drop the titles back to the Colon Cousins after WrestleMania. Sometimes, WWE likes to give belts to his bigger name stars for WrestleMania, just to involve them in something. ...

David Otunga, representing John Laurinaitis, beat Ezekiel Jackson, representing Teddy Long in a battle of the GMs. Yup, Big Zeke has fallen so far he's jobbing to Otunga. Clean. ...

The Bellas won a Divas match against Kelly Kelly and Aksana in like 32 seconds. I was waiting for Kharma to come out while the Bellas gloated in the aisleway, but it never happened.

Overall, a good show, although the wrestling wasn't that good. Smackdown is live tonight, with an advertised main event of Punk vs. Bryan, which should make up for the lack of quality wrestling on Raw. Don't expect a clean finish in that one. In fact, expect a ton of run-ins and Teddy Long turning it into a tag team match.