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Orioles Q&A: Rill Talk with ... Chris Dickerson

This week, I caught up with Orioles outfielder Chris Dickerson. We talked about his role on the team, his two-homer game, soccer, pies in the face, and more.

Q: How satisfying was it for you to have a two-homer game against the Yankees?

CD: It was great. We were scuffling at the time and anytime you can come through in a big game, it's a great feeling. That's what we work for every day.

Q: Is it nice to be able to play a couple days in a row when you're hitting well?

CD: It's part of the reward, is earning the trust of the coaching staff to go in there and help out the club every day. Anytime you're in the lineup, they're trying to put out the best lineup they can do that day, and if you're a part of it, it's a good reward.

Q: How fun is it being on this team, especially with come-from-behind wins like on Wednesday?

CD: Yeah, we've had a couple of them. It's not something we'd like to do or prefer to do, but we've done a great job as far as being resilient and coming back in those games. It shows a lot about the team and our character. But unfortunately we've had some games that we should've won that we didn't quite come out on top.

Q: Has it been easy for you to adjust to this team?

CD: Yeah, I mean every team I've been on has got along really well, so it's nothing different. I've never been on a tumultuous team that has issues in the clubhouse. New York was unbelievable and this team's great as well. I'm fortunate to play with quite a few of these guys in the fall league and against them and stuff like that. It's a great atmosphere.

Q: You came out with a shaving cream pie of your own Wednesday along with Adam Jones to pie Chris Davis. Are you helping out with that now?

CD: I just wanted payback for the New York game.

Q: How fun are those pies in the face?

CD: Anytime you can do a pie in the face, something good has happened. Your teammate has been put in a special position and had a great game. So it's exciting. The more pies in the faces you have, the better that you're probably doing as a team. Chris has done an unbelievable job and he deserved both of them.

Q: Sometimes you play soccer out on the field before the game. Are you a big soccer guy?

CD: Huge. Obsessed with soccer.

Q: Would you be a soccer player if you weren't playing baseball?

CD: No, if I wasn't playing I'd probably, well if I didn't have knee surgery, I probably would have played football. But I'd still consider going over to Europe and being a goalkeeper or something like that. It's just something that keeps you in great shape, it's great for conditioning, but I just generally really enjoy the sport and watching it on television. Going over to Europe and watching games over there is a completely different experience. It's been a great off-season hobby of mine.

Q: Have you done that a lot?

CD: Yeah, every year for the past three years I've gone over to Europe to London to watch Premier League games and European games.

Q: Who was your favorite baseball player when you were growing up?

CD: Ken Griffey Jr.

Q: Any particular reason why?

CD: Because he's Ken Griffey Jr.

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