Will Tom Zirpoli ever tire of defending a narcissistic, incompetent president? Obviously, this is a rhetorical question, but nevertheless, probably not.

If Zirpoli excels in anything, it's left-wing rhetoric. Logic is seldom a consideration. Zirpoli's March 12 description of Barack Hussain Obama, statesman and leader, ignores the central fact: not that Russian President Vladimir Putin is an evil, aggressive man, that much is a given, but that he feels that he can act with impunity given Obama's incomprehensible foreign policy.

Consider Obama's track record, beginning with the infamous "apology tour," welcoming the overthrow of an American ally in Egypt, completely misreading the revolution in Libya and abysmally vacillating over the Syrian civil war, a war in which his own Secretary of State became one of the hawks that Zirpoli now abhors.

Zirpoli even states that he would back "the sane guy" in disputes regarding "a crazy man with nuclear weapons." Obama's support for the agreement regarding Iran's nuclear weapons development makes having one more crazy man with nuclear weapons that much more likely.

Putin supposedly has said that negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. Observe a pigeon's behavior at any street corner in Baltimore and you get the idea. The similarity is striking.

Frederick Frevert