'Safe House' a spy flick with surprises

If you enjoy lots of action and some espionage then 'Safe House' is your movie.

Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) is a fugitive ex-CIA agent.

Frost got fed up with the shenanigans and the phoniness of our CIA, and for nine years he has been a rogue secret agent making deals with foreign countries.

He is even making deals with countries who are enemies of the United States.

The CIA believes they can get Frost into a "safe house" managed by agent Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds).

This "Safe House" in Cape Town, South Africa, looks tamper-proof.

The CIA has Frost under lock and key, hidden in a remote part of Cape Town and the CIA is ready for him to crack and spill some secrets.

But the safe house is attacked by a terrorist group, and it is Weston's job to recapture Frost and hold him down so the CIA can re-question him.

Agent Weston will have his eyes opened by Frost to the dangerous games the CIA plays and he develops a new respect for Frost's espionage talents.

A good spy thriller, the film also has is a satisfying surprise ending.

Rated R.