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Letter: Libya not a likely U.S. ally

I look forward each day to reading the comments and opinions published in the Carroll County Times. It is always enjoyable to predict the views offered by your usual contributors, whether they subscribe to either a conservative or liberal philosophy.

I do take exception to Carl Burdette's Sept. 27 letter describing Muammar Gadhafi as an ally of the United States.

On April 15, 1986 the U.S. Air Force struck numerous targets in Libya in retaliation for the April 5, 1986 bombing of a West German night club patronized by US service personnel. The bombing was believed to have been the work of the Abu Nidal terrorist organization, which was supported by Libya.

One of the targets bombed was the Al Azziziyah Barracks, often referred to as the "Libyan White House." At the time of the bombing, some of Gadhafi's family was in residence at Al Azziziyah, leading to the death of his infant daughter while his wife and two sons were injured.

President Ronald Reagan stated at the time: "The air strike will not only diminish Colonel Gadhafi's capacity to export terror, it will provide him with incentives and reasons to alter his criminal behavior."

I do not believe Gadhafi either forgot or forgave the U.S. for the bombing and transformed into our "ally." The U.S. at that time had the fortitude and leadership, to paraphrase the punch line, to " 'Splain it to him." I believe Gadhafi decided his life and family were more important to him than being held in esteem by religious brethren terrorists.

As democracy enters the Middle East countries we can expect unpleasant and unanticipated events. If America continues to try to use our basic Judeo-Christian philosophy with the Muslim extremists we can anticipate never-ending attacks abroad and at home by these fanatics.

John Appling