Unconventional suggestions are not usually taking seriously in the baseball world, even after the whole 'Moneyball' phase, but I am here to suggest one for the Washington Nationals.

Go to a six-man starting pitching rotation if necessary. Let's suppose John Lannan is his normal solid self and Chien-Ming Wang builds on his quality run of starts in September, the Nats are left with a quandry.

While a six-man rotation may seem a bit silly because it takes innings away from potentially better pitchers, there is a lot of uncertainty with the rotation.

After watching Jordan Zimmermann's innings very closely last year, it can only be assumed that Nats' management will have a very tight leash on the number of innings that Stephen Strasburg will be allowed to throw.

Although Washington paints a picture of a team that can make a playoff run -- and that may very well be true -- it should be more about next season and the ones to follow.

Re-signing Gio Gonzalez to a long-term deal was a clear sign that general manager Mike Rizzo is building for the future as well as the 2012 season.

However Edwin Jackson is the only pitcher on a one-year deal and if he proves to be effective, the Nats have shown they are willing to spend to get and keep players.

There is also a little bit of mystery involved with how Gonzalez will perform in the National League. Odds are he will be successful, but it's hard to tell how much time that could take.

Of course most of this plan hinges on Lannan regaining his consistency and Wang shaking the injury bug, but I think it is at least an option for the Nats to consider if the situation warrants it.

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