Letter: Brown, Gansler make poor candidates

Who can recall corporate executives being called before the U.S. Congress for alleged mistakes made by their corporations?

Congress makes a show of grilling the victims. The latest victim is the brand new CEO of General Motors. She took a beating even though she was not in charge during the time in question. Now, for contrast, I offer Kathleen Sebelius. Her "grilling" over the flawed roll out of Obamacare was a dog and pony show. Sebelius, however, was one of their own. She got a pass and took the fifth.

In the upcoming primary elections in Maryland, the two leading gubernatorial candidates are Democrats Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and Attorney General Doug Gansler. Both of these candidates need to be grilled prior to the primary, but this is unlikely to happen. They both are Maryland Democrats - nobody bothers them.

Brown was put in charge of the roll out of the Maryland version of Obamacare - a miserable failure. Hundreds of millions of your dollars and mine were blown down the tubes. That plan will be junked and we will pay additional money to buy Connecticut's version. Brown was in charge, but he accepts no responsibility. He blames the contractors. It appears this prime example of incompetence is not going to stick to him.

If he can do that to just one program, imagine what he can do if he's in charge of the entire state. Who will he find to blame? Additionally, a commercial discussing his military service seems deceptive. You can check out his service on Wikipedia.

Then we have Gansler, Maryland's chief law enforcement officer. Photographic evidence exists that he attended an underage drinking party. He, himself, seemed to be caught enjoying the party. Did he attempt to shut down the party? Nope. His excuse? It was in Delaware and he had no authority there. Did he attempt to remove is own child from the party? There was no report of that. It appears that he was having as much fun as the kids. With judgment like this, can you imagine the decisions he will make for the entire state?

If this is the best of the bunch, it's a sad day in Maryland. Surely, the party has one viable candidate somewhere. To me, Brown and Gansler are fatally flawed. They've given you a peek. Proceed at your own peril.

Rick Blatchford

Mount Airy