Its time for people in this country to wake up.

This IRS targeting scandal should be the cold splash of water in the face of even the most brain dead liberal ideologue out there, especially all these young people who occupy and protest.

The fact that the IRS is offering up this disgraceful excuse for the missing Lerner emails is bad enough, but then, when the head IRS executive when questioned says there's no apology necessary, it should alert people that when the administration wants to target its enemies it can flagrantly bring the full force of the most dreaded government agency down on them.

I get it, its the tea party, who cares? Well if today its the tea party, who will it be tomorrow? That's the thing that these smug liberals today who don't care about government oversteps by this administration don't get. What if the next administration is a right-wing cause-driven Republican super-majority that uses the IRS to target anyone who contributes to planned parenthood, or environmental causes or, God forbid, same sex organizations? Then I guess it will be a scandal.

This is going to be seen as a true low point in our history some day when a government operative like Lois Lerner can smugly thumb her nose at authority and the nation and not have to testify in hearings she is the centerpiece of, while escaping the proceedings with full retirement benefits to boot. And this is the new precedent for government employees, to be rewarded for incompetence and criminal activity.

It's not hard to see that these emails lead straight to the White House. That's the reason for the obstruction of the evidence. If there was nothing to see, why not show there's nothing? It's because the emails showed Lerner's correspondence with someone in the White House, and if the hard-drive was destroyed, it was done to cover it up.

It's already been said, but the NSA could certainly expose these emails. This is all being done by our government, which is reading our emails, listening in on our phone conversations and even putting black boxes on cars to track where we drive. So don't believe these emails are simply gone.

This scandal is proof this is a corrupt administration that cares more about protecting this failed president than the nation it presides over. What's even sadder is that most will line up next time and vote for another Democrat expecting better results.

David Ulsch