Pat has just been released from a mental institution in Baltimore, pretty much upbeat, even though his wife has a restraining order against him.

He is determined to repair his past life and move onward and upward.

His motto, as is New York State's, is "Excelsior!"

He's a bipolar man with his life in a stage of confusion, who really wants to rebuild his marriage.

Pat, Jr. (Bradley Cooper) assures his parents Pat, Sr. and Dolores (Robert DeNiro and Jacki Weaver), that things will be well, but they are not sure.

Par, Sr. is a Philadelphia Eagle's fan, but he has been banned from the stadium for fighting.

He now runs sports betting out of his house.

Pat, Jr. meets Tiffany while out running and they become quick friends.

They go on to practice dance together in her studio, and enter a dance contest.

While at the contest, Pat's estranged wife shows up. After he and Tiffany perform, he goes over to speak with her, but does this rather quickly and then goes looking for Tiffany.

Tiffany bolts from the building, but Pat soon catches up with her, and they go on like life is fine.

This is a good movie, directed by David O. Russell, filled with drama, tension & comedy.

Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro do an excellent job in the acting out of these characters.