Carroll County Times

Baby X2: Premiere performance

The twins hit a milestone last week when they participated in their first pre-school performance in front of an audience and Sharon and I hit a milestone on our way to becoming "those parents."

Yes, we stood there grinning with still and video cameras in hand as Kaitlin and Connor performed the songs they had learned, ensuring that the performance would be well documented for history and for showing off to friends and relatives.

I had a feeling that when the teachers ushered their groups of children into the auditorium where the parents were gathered that they would spawn a situation similar to herding cats as the little ones scattered to find their parents. But that didn't happen.

The first group came in and sat down near the front of the stage. Then the second group came in and lined up where the teachers told them to stand. Sure, there was a lot of waving and "hi mommy" or "hi daddy," but overall the kids kept their focus on the teachers.

When it came to singing, some kids did more of that than others. A few would be really enthusiastic in belting out one verse, but then be quiet for the next. The fact that they memorized the words to any of the verses and were able to sing them in unison was amazing enough considering they are all three years old.

After the first group performed the second group got up and sang their songs, then the two groups got together for a final song. The whole thing was over in a matter of minutes, but I'm sure it seemed much longer for both the teachers and the students. And judging by the looks on the faces of the parents who were there, including us, you would think that they had just performed at Carnegie Hall or Madison Square Garden.

Both Sharon and I were impressed with Connor and Kaitlin in the performance, as well as with the other kids and the teachers who were able to pull it off. (But doesn't every parent think their kid was the best in the group?)

It certainly was a great Thanksgiving treat.