Coupon Corner: Individual coffee a hot holiday item this year

Individual cup coffee brewers are one of the hottest items right now. Keurig is the most popular and has so many models it's hard to choose just one.

For those who like larger cups of coffee, from 12 to 20 ounces, there are several Keurig models, but a new model, the Keurig vue, is not only designed for larger cups, but uses new vue cups; K-Cups will not fit this model.

Vue cups are widely available now in many stores, although the selection may not yet be as great as it is for K-Cups. Many stores sell refillable baskets for the K-Cup size, but after calling Keurig, I found that vue-size baskets aren't available yet. The company said they will probably be available sometime after January 2013.

There are many accessories on the market for these coffee-makers. Some are very handy, while others hold a minimal amount of coffee pods yet take up too much counter space.

Keurig sells a rectangular drawer that fits under its coffee-makers and is very convenient and economical space-wise, but I found a one I like better.

It's the Coffee Pod Spin Drawer from Brew Pad that's round and holds coffee-makers up to 13.5 inches in diameter. The pull-out drawer holds 20 large coffee pods, 32 K-Cups or 32 Tassimo T-Discs.

I found the Brew Pad version at Marshall's, where it was discounted from the retail price of $38 to $24.99.

If the Westminster store is sold-out, have them try to locate it at another Marshall's store.


If you're buying a new car with Sirius radio, here's something to consider, although it probably won't make a huge difference in which brand you purchase.

My last two cars had a free trial period of six months for Sirius, but the one I bought recently only had three months free.

At first, I thought Sirius was cutting down, probably because of the economy, but I was wrong.

Sirius and each car manufacturer have a contract for the number of free months customers will receive.

For example, GM and Chrysler customers receive three free months of Sirius, Ford and Audi get six free months and BMW and Mercedes receive one year free.

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