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Letter to the Editor


I was not surprised to find Barry Rascovar didn't "garner" enough attention in his column, "Inside Maryland Politics" to know who the candidates are — "Primaries garner attention as election nears." He writes, "In District 10, nine Democrats are vying for the three delegate openings." He failed to notice there is a Republican candidate in the race; me! After ignoring my candidacy entirely he added, "Only one ... is an incumbent. She is running on a ticket which includes the daughter-in-law of a former County Executive; so much for impartial reporting.

The "new District" technically has no incumbent. It is a merger of the old 10th with selected pieces of the 11th and the 5b; victims of the last 'gerrymandering' act by the Democrat legislature to destroy the conservative fertile Worthington Valley and farming community; thus signaling the end of our cherished way of life.

I ask you to consider my candidacy. Visit my campaign webpage at for greater detail. In 2009 I served as the Maryland Delegate to the Continental Congress; where with representatives from each state we composed the Articles of Freedom.

I have spent decades as an advocate for preservation while maintaining a high presence as a local volunteer receiving numerous awards for those efforts; recognized by President Clinton, Congress and the recipient of the Baltimore County Minority Advisory Council's Humanitarian Award. I am a small business owner and previous shop owner for a number of years on our famed "Antique Row" which is now reduced to a few struggling businesses.

I believe this election is our best chance to"Rein in the Rain Tax," "Drain the Flush Tax," protect private property rights, restore individual Liberty and reverse government's over-reach into your wallet which exceeds its Constitutional authority.

I ask you to consider appointing me to one of your three representative seats for balance and results. In 2014 make an informed choice rather than simply accept what Mr. Rascovar or the rest of the political "insiders" want you to think. Freedom begins with you.

I thank you for your consideration and may God bless our Constitutional Republic!

William T. Newton