OWINGS MILLS - Joe Flacco is one of the more heavily scrutinized players in the NFL. Johnny Manziel, meanwhile, has become maybe the most scrutinized college football player in recent memory.
Manziel, of course, is a star redshirt sophomore quarterback at Texas A&M, who became the first freshman in college football history to win the Heisman Trophy last season.
But more than anything to do with his talent, Manziel is seemingly more talked about at this point for questionable on-field antics and the issues he's had off the field during the last several months.
As for Flacco, he brought up Manziel while answering a question Sunday that had to do with the negative reaction fans in Denver had to a banner with his likeness on it being put on the Broncos' stadium by the NFL in an attempt to advertise the upcoming regular season opener between Baltimore and Denver.
First of all, Flacco jokingly emphasized that he had nothing to do with the banner being put on the stadium, but he then went on to say with a smile, "But hey, it's cool. Being hated is not a bad thing."
"I don't know if I'll be too popular for this," Flacco added. "But I don't know how I really felt about Johnny Manziel, but I feel like now everyone hates him. He's quickly becoming my favorite player in college football."