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Men in Black III? It rocks!

Can this sequel be a very good movie?


In the beginning of the film, we see how evil alien, Boris the animal (Jermaine Clement), is unleashing aliens to attack the world.

Who will be able to fight the alien attack?

The special agents called the Men in Black, that's who!

Agent J ( Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) find out that in 2012, it is too late to stop Boris the animal and his aliens, so through the power of science and time travel Agent J and Agent K are back to July 15, 1969.

A young Agent K (Josh Brolin) and Agent J go through some tough situations to rid the world of Boris the animal.

There were plenty of good highlights in this movie.

Emma Thompson as administrator Agent O added to this star-studded cast.

Will we have to wait sooooo long for MIB IV?

I certainly hope not!

Rated PG-13