Carroll Arts Council announces PEEPshow winners

The Carroll County Arts Council announced the winners of the seventh annual PEEPshow, held April 11 to 20, Tuesday.

  • Grand Prize: "Some Peeple are Worth Peeping For" by Christian Twamley
  • 1st Place: "Michelangelo" by Tristar Martial Arts
  • 2nd Place: "Maryland Terapeep" by Sydney Blacksten
  • 3rd Place: "Peepcock" by the Wilhelm family
  • 4th Place: "Lou Peetin" by the Marasco family
  • 5th Place:"Mike Peepowski" by Lia Finch
  • 6th Place: "Cake Boss Comes to Westminster," by Donaldson Remax
  • 7th Place: "R2Peep2" by Bob Rupprecht

In addition to the placed awards, the council announced the winners of the artistic achievement awards.

  • Presidents Choice Award: "Rub-a-dub Dub" by Janine Sommer
  • Best Movie Inspired Design: "I'll get you my Pretty!" by Kate, Kiz, Cheryl and Mike Ehrlich
  • High Fashion Award: "Lou Peeptin" by Ben, Gigi, April and Chris Morasco
  • Laugh Out Loud Award: "Book Return" by Linda Nicholls for Carroll County Public Library
  • Best Business Representation: "Sew Cute" by Ballard Bunting Boutique
  • Pop Culture Award: "InstaPeep" by Avery, Shawn, and Dalton Hobbs
  • Scariest Entry: "The Peepinator" by the Spielman Family
  • Holiday Humor Award: "A Major Peep Award" by Gail Garvey
  • Best Historic Recreation: "Peep-aring for Battle" by Owen Smith
  • Multicultural Magic Award: "Montessori Peeps Around the World" by The Montessori School of Westminster
  • Simply Simple Award: "Chick Magnet" by Candy Aaron
  • Travelogue Award: "Assateague Lighthouse" by Amanda Montz, Kenda, and Brianna Sambucco
  • Best Graphic Design: "The Ugly Peepling" by McKinzie Lefstein
  • Outstanding Group Effort: "Brownies are Peeple in your Community" by Brownie Troop 305
  • Best Mosaic Award: "Celebrate Spring" by Flo Combs
  • Masterpiece Award: "Starry Night" by Carroll Springs School
  • Civic Pride Award: "Clock Tower" by the City of Westminster
  • Engineering Marvel Award: "Re-PEEP-Peal the Rain Tax" by Marc Sumers
  • Best Non-Profit Award: "Bloom Where you are Planted" by The Arc Carroll County
  • Sports Fan Award: "Peep Pride" by West End Place
  • No Peeps Were Harmed Award: "Peep Wreath" by Laura Russell
  • Movie Magic Award: "Frozen Peeps" by Sophia Koller
  • Tastiest Treat Award: "God's Team Sundae" by Ebenezer UMC God's Team
  • Literary Award: "James & the Giant Peep" by The Virgilio Family
  • Staff Favorite: "Sunday Afternoon avec mon Peeps" by Kim Prati
  • Director's Choice Award: "Peepcock" by the Wilhelm family

PEEPshow sponsors also had the opportunity to award prizes to the sculptures.

  • Hibu: "Peeps Bracket" by Boys & Girls Club of Westminster
  • Carroll County Office of Tourism: "Bruiser" by East Middle School
  • Just Born, Inc.: "Michaelangelo" by Tristar Martial Arts
  • New Windsor State Bank: "Peeps Fly with Christ" by Carroll Lutheran School
  • Edward M. Goldman, D.D.S., P.A.: "Peep-fection" by the Stickles family

JoAnna Crone, communications coordinator for the arts council, said they estimate the PEEPshow brought in more than $40,000 for the Carroll Arts Center. There were 170 individual sculptures, paintings, photographs and films featuring Peeps displayed at the event.