MORGAN RUN - A homemade small helicopter crashed in a field along Oak Tree Road near Morgan Run Tuesday afternoon.

Amirkhanian Shahram, 58, of Silver Spring, was the sole occupant of the aircraft, according to a release from the Carroll County Sheriff's Office.

Shahram was conscious at the scene, with no apparent injuries and refused treatment, according to the release. The aircraft struck a power line before crashing in the field.

Neighbors walked down the street and a crowd gathered around the aircraft to inquire just what happened in the usually quiet street of Oak Tree Road.

George Dorr, a neighbor, said he only noticed the commotion when he saw two ambulances report to the scene.

Baltimore Gas & Electric responded to the scene and none of the residents in the area lost power, according to the release.

Sgt. Juan Bustos said the aircraft was a gyrocopter, a small helicopter-like aircraft which uses a rotor to develop lift and an engine-powered propeller. While a helicopter's rotor is rotated by an engine during a flight, gyrocopters are driven by aerodynamic forces and often built by hand.

The gyrocopter crashed less than a mile away from Clearview Airpark near Sykesville.

The aircraft was "heavily damaged," according to the release and removed to a secure site for further investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration. Investigations typically take several weeks.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Master Deputy Brandon Holland at 410-386-2900.