Commentary: Lax Players: 'Let go of your flow'

A buddy of mine is the "Pistol" Pete Maravich of Lacrosse. A Canadian-born member of Syracuse's back-to-back NCAA Championship teams of the late eighties and early nineties; he played with a flair that earned him the nickname, "Hollywood."

However, by today's lax bro culture, maybe it was his iconic mullet - his era's (and his country's) precursor to this generation's (obsession with their) flow - and not his penchant for finishing-off fast breaks with behind-the-back shots, that truly made him "Hollywood."

Lacrosse's fan-base puts the cult in culture. If baseball is bucolic, blue-collar, and a (relatively) boring spectator sport; lacrosse is its (popped) white-collar counterpart; labeled as the fastest (growing) game on two feet. Lacrosse players play hard and play (read party) harder.

The embodiment of the lacrosse culture is epitomized by its lax bro sub-culture; made most easily identifiable outside of their natural on-field habitat by their flow, lettuce, or cabbage, all three of which are slang for lax bros' hair. (Lax bros can also be identified by their Jeff Spicoli-like dialect and laxer lingo).

Hockey players grow out their beards throughout the NHL playoffs as a nod to tradition and superstition alike; shaving only upon elimination from those playoffs. Lax bros grow-out (and carefully maintain and apply product to) their flow more-or-less for fashion and fraternity's sake.

The NFL's Brett Keisel (and Ben Roethlisberger) penned million dollar endorsements from Gillette in sponsorship deals related to the growing and shaving of their beards. Despite the fetishizing over their flow, Lax bros don't have would-be endorsers beating down their doors to offer them six- and seven-figure deals to peddle hair or other products.

With Memorial Day Weekend being the annual date for the NCAA's Lacrosse Final Four, maybe it's time for the flow to go. Though not an endorsement deal, maybe lax bros can donate their flow to Locks of Love; the charitable organization that collects donations of (long) hair, and makes "hair prosthetics" for disadvantaged children in the U.S. and Canada suffering from medical hair loss, most often associated with alopecia (

Maybe Locks of Love can set-up shop at the Final Four in Philadelphia next weekend; collecting lax bro's lettuce for love. Let your lettuce go. Let go of your flow, bro!

I get it; flow is fashionable, bro. Flow is fetishized. Ladies love your lettuce, bro. But, while you're in the weight room doing "curls to get girls", know that "chicks dig charity" too. Free your flow, bro.

Besides, fashions fade. Trends are trends by nature.

Flow may be a fad. Mullets certainly were.

Next fall's flat-brimmed hats and flow may be broken-in hats and bald - uh oh, bro. I'm not saying Bic'd; I'm just suggesting buzzed - for a good cause, bro.

Don't be a follower; growing flow to go with the flow, bro. Be a trend-setter. Do it for (the chicks that dig dudes that do things for) charity; do it for the bald kids with alopecia, bro.

Maybe bring it full-circle; back to the mullet - a mullet-ed, lax bro, hipster look. The mullet could be next year's faux-hawk. You could lose your lettuce; maintain your mullet; and be the trend-setting lax bro - and still donate some lovely lax bro lettuce to charity, bro.

Carefully cared-for cabbage. Lovely lettuce. Flowing, well, flow.

Maybe they're emblematic of membership into the lax bro sub-culture; and, maybe membership, as they say, has its privileges. Admittedly, I don't know what it's like to have flow. But, it seems like it would be labor and product intensive, and more fuss than fun to maintain all that flow, bro.

Do it for the kids with no hair.

Do it for charity, bro. Donate your flow. Lax bro lettuce for love, bro.

You could make a coed, fundraising event out of it, bro, because lady laxers can cut their locks for love too.

Get out those clippers and clip off your cabbage; lop-off your lettuce; and let go of your flow, bro.