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Lifecycle Simcha Celebrations

A very happy and a few belated birthday greetings to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and community also a sprinkling of kids and seniors (recycled teenagers):

Larry Stahl, Len Schleider, Wayne Hill, Barry Steinfelder, Leslie Welfeld, Joan Gresser, Sonia Diamond, Nikki Shargel, Elaine Tobias, Jamie Levinson Finkelstein, Marcie Jeffers, Lois Adelberg, Stuart Bronstein, Ben Levey, Lorraine Baumel, Estelle Resnick, Janis Miller.

And, Annette Saxon, Marilyn Berman, Tina Fischer, Perry London, Todd Feurman, Harold Lipsicas, Maxine Williams, Bonnie Scherr, Pat Groupp, Jill Gansler, Barb Schaftel, Rita Langbaum, Howard Levin, Gordon Lawless, Mort Steinhorn, Alice Needle, Rona Desser, Mildred Kern, John Hillman, Will Mitchell, Paula King, Sandy Gutman, Elliot Alter and Harold Lipsicas.

Happy kids birthday, Seth Scheman.

Happy, happy birthday to each and everyone. Hope you all enjoyed oodles of ice cream, cake and goodies.

Engagement congrats: Roni Goss to Jonathan Madoff

Marriage: Best wishes for wedded bliss: Lauren (Friedler) and Quinton Hankla

Newborns: Welcome to this quartet of adorable, precious, new bundles of joy:

A daughter, Inez Amira, to Becca and Felix Mercado

A son, Yehuda Frieman, to Miriam and Darrin Frieman

A daughter, Clara Renae, to Ashley Denhardt and Joshua Levin

A son, Ayden Jeffrey, to David and Stephanie Clark

Mazel Tov to all. Enjoy with oodles of hugs and kisses.

Anniversary congrats: A gorgeous (diamond plus, plus) 62nd anniversary Fran and Fred Tepper, Cecelia and Irwin Lindenbaum. An equally gorgeous (diamond) 60th anniversary Jackie and Bob Traurg, June and Nat Bell, Anita and Stan Langbaum.

Two 62nd anniversaries and three 60th anniversaries.

We all wish Fran and Fred, Cecelia and Irwin, Jackie and Bob, June and Nate, Anita and Stan, many, many more wonderful anniversary celebrations with good health and happiness.

A fab 56th anniversary Iris and Jerry Silverman, Zelda and David Weiner. A great (triple chai) 54th anniversary Barb and Dr. Irv Donick. An equally fab 53rd anniversary Barb and Rabbi Floyd Herman and an equally fab 51st anniversary Seema and Alan Rubenfeld. Celebrating their (golden) big 5-0 half century anniversary Ellen and Saul Lindenbaum, Lydia and Mel Heitt, Ellen and Rob Yerman, Eileen and Jay Lapkin.

A wonderful 49th anniversary Linda and Neil Schwartz, Ronnie and Bob Pinkner, Judy and Fred Frank. Eileen and Jay Lapkin. An equally wonderful 48th anniversary Dr's Margaret and Steve Sharfstein, plus an equally wonderful 47th anniversary Janet and George Korba. A fab 46th anniversary Beverly and Dr. Ralph Epstein. A pretty (sapphire) 45th anniversary Peggy and Fred Wolf III, Sherry and Howard Greenberg, Louise and Al Friendlich. A wonderful 44th anniversary Linda and Larry Pearl. An equally wonderful 43rd anniversary Carole and Larry Katz. A lovely (ruby) 40th anniversary Elise and Paul Dunetz, Helene and Gary Lenet.

A great 39th anniversary Dr. and Mrs. Ken Glick. A pretty (coral) 35th anniversary Jane and Benson Fine, Phyllis and Ron Schuster. An attractive (pearl) 30th anniversary Christie and Jeffrey Lafferman, Drs. Linda and Jonathan Lewin.

Celebrating their (silver) 25th quarter century anniversary Sue and Scott Fine, Ellie and Stan Gumnit, Sue and Stuart Nathan, Debra and Dave Mogul, Margerie and Rob Daniels, Sharon and Michael Mond. A very happy 20th anniversary Jenn Lew and Dr. Paul Foster and Marly and Nathan Goloskov.

A beautiful (crystal) 15th anniversary Helene and Jeffrey Waranch, Nancy and Todd Brown. A great 10th anniversary Nicole Joseph and Chad Schneider.

A very happy 8th anniversary Nikki and Jeffrey Shargel, Laura (Sirkin) and Marcus Brown. An equally very happy 5th anniversary Dr. Michele and Andy Rosenstein, Stephanie and Stuart Saval.

Happy anniversary to all of the above and to the very many couples not listed celebrating June anniversaries.

May you all enjoy. many, many more wonderful anniversary simchas and a lifetime of wedded bliss.

Shannon and Taylor Stern, tween/teen, young adult and under-30 social columnists

Bat Mitzvah: Mazel Tov, Jamie Roa, Paula Reidy, Amanda Fruman, Julia Sacks, Hannah Graetz, Sarah Smelkinson

Bar Mitzvah: Mazel Tov, Jack Lebow, Sedric White, Casey Stark, Brett Snyder, Michael Fisher, Nicholas Gilkis, Keaton Reidy

Happy young adult birthdays Ellen Shenk, Andrew Hoffman, Matt Yatovitz, Chad Greenberg.

Happy 20-something and under-30 birthdays Casey Rosenberg, Alyssa Miller, Brianna Byer, Brian Weinstein.

Happy birthday to all the double digit, young adult and 20-something and under-30 birthday celebrants not listed.

Happy milestone birthdays all.

Reminder, Friday, June 14th is Flag Day.

Holiday: Sunday, June 16th is Father's Day. A very special day to remember all father's, grandfather's and great grandfather's plus others you love and respect as dads. Have and enjoy a great and wonderful day. Yes, it's is a very special day to let them know how very much you do care.

Memo: Shabbat candle-lighting time, Friday evening, June 14, is 8:17 p.m.

Have and enjoy a terrific week everyone.