Coupon Corner: Keep eye out for Belk postcards

If you have a Belk credit card, watch the mail for periodic postcards featuring discounts, usually a percentage off your purchases.

These coupons are very different from the ones in Belk's circulars. In fact, they're like gold. That's because circular coupons usually have dozens of exclusions, particularly fragrances, cosmetics and designer brands, while the postcard discounts generally have no exclusions.

This means you can save on items that rarely, if ever, go on sale. Imagine saving 20 percent off Lancome, Arden or Lauder products. The savings can really add up fast.

So the next time you receive a mailing from Belk, be sure to check the terms on it.

Theme parks

The first discount coupons of the season for theme parks are starting to show up already.

CVS (Westminster) has discount coupons for Six Flags America, good at the Baltimore/Washington location in Largo. You'll find them in the foyer, near other free publications.

The coupons offer two options. The first offer will save you $20, either online or at the gate, between March 31 and May 20, or save $20 when you buy tickets online, three days prior to your visit, between May 25 and Sept. 23.

The second offer is good for a $17 discount, at the park, on the day of your visit, between May 25 and Sept. 23. You'll also receive free admittance to Six Flags Waterpark with a regular admission ticket.


Free cover

Watch for displays, mainly in grocery stores, for a free designer toilet tissue cover when you purchase Cottonelle.

Previously, there was a mail-in offer for this cover, but it's so much nicer to be able to get it immediately, and you can choose your favorite pattern and color, too.

Kraft Milk Bites

Kraft's new Milk Bites milk and granola bars are really good, and right now, there are very good coupons for them, as well as sales.

Unlike most granola bars, you'll find these in the refrigerated section. Some stores only carry two or three flavors while others carry different ones, so you may have to go to more than one store to get your favorite flavor.

I like these bars better because they're much softer and smoother. Perhaps it's the refrigeration, but the flavors seem more intense, particularly the mixed berry flavor. Because the bars must be refrigerated, you won't be able to throw them in your purse or leave them in the car for a few days. This is also a consideration when packing them in lunch bags, unless you include a cold pack.

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