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50/50 mixes heart with humor

One of the better movies I've seen lately is "50/50." It is out on DVD and Blu-Ray and worth a look. There's a great story and a great cast with just the right amount of drama and comedy.

Based on a true story, the film was directed by Jonathan Levine ("The Wackness") and stars popular Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("The Dark Knight Rises", "Premium Rush") and Seth Rogen ("Freaks and Geeks," "Pineapple Express").

Gordon- Levitt plays a young man who is diagnosed with cancer. Rogen plays his buddy who does his level best to help him.

While cancer seems to strike older people, young people in the prime of life are also stricken. The film portrays Levitt's character in a very human way. He continues to live his life as best he can, pursuing work and love in a very normal fashion.

That's the key to the film. It doesn't manipulate the viewer by being overly dramatic. It is much more endearing and attractive than a typical movie of the week that might try too hard to overdo things. Instead, the film follows Levitt, and we feel like his friend as he negotiates his way through the illness.

The atmosphere between the two stars is attractive. Rogen does what he has to do to keep his buddy in a positive mood while trying to keep things in the proper perspective. Cancer is no laughing matter, but "50/50" shows us that we just have to do what we can with what life gives us.