Letter: Focus instead on teaching love

Regarding the lesbian mother of a son who wants to be a Boy Scout, the adult leaders of the Boy Scouts of America should ask themselves what they had hoped to accomplish by preventing her from participating in scouting leadership activities with her son and his fellow scouts.

What about one mother who, say, is very active in the Boy Scouts, who nevertheless openly refers to certain folks as "trailer trash," adding that she hopes she can cause such people "to have a heart attack so that they will not be around here anymore"?

Lesbian mothers, in my view, are as normal as any mother who loves her son and wants to participate with him in his scouting activities.

Abnormal is teaching young German boys in the 1930s and '40s that the adult thing to do when it came to Jews was to exclude them then gas them.

That caught on like a firestorm in the atmosphere of indoctrinated Nazi hate; and in one night mobs of young fascist bullies rampaged through the streets making the pavement glisten with broken storefront glass -- the beginnings of erasing 6 million Jews from the planet.

Six million or one, the issue is the same violent prejudice against loving gay and lesbian couples and their children, and the dehumanizing of young boys into nasty, mean bigots.

Robust supporters of scouting such as myself do not want bigots wearing the uniforms of Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts to Explorer and Adventurer Scouts.

My bride's and my nearly half-century long marriage has not been threatened in the least by gays and lesbians and their right to marriage equality.

Which causes me to wonder if some adult paid leaders of the Boy Scouts of America, as well as some of America's clergy, simply are more interested in holding on to their jobs and secular political power than teaching love and the Golden Rule to the few deep-pocketed, Sunday morning bigots of the same ilk that of years past held their noses with the same air of moral superiority while seething against mixed race marriages and against including blacks in Scouting.

What other reason would these supposed stalwart keepers of family values not lead their Boy Scouts and their flocks with true righteousness to a more civilized and godly way of thinking about one's neighbors? Shame on them.

John D. Witiak

Union Bridge

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