Carroll County Times

Sykesville committee reviews improvement plan requests

SYKESVILLE - Sykesville's Budget Research Committee, the mayor and select Town Council members met Monday night to discuss the Capital Improvement Plan for the fiscal years 2013-17.

The committee discussed several new items on the town's CIP budget, and the meeting opened with requests from the Department of Public Works.


Some of the requests listed as high and moderate priorities included a commercial grade power washer, replacement snow plows, a street sweeper, replacement dumpsters and trashcans for Main Street.

The Department of Public Works also listed holiday decorations for the town as a priority to improve the town's image.


"I think [the Christmas decorations] are fairly dismal," Mayor Mike Miller said. "It doesn't really look like a decorated town in my opinion."

The committee discussed additional requests from the police department, which included police vehicles, a portable radar speed sign, defibrillators and an in-car video system.

Town Manager Matt Candland proposed some new items for the budget, like a park in the Town House's front yard, air conditioning for the Gate House Museum of History, energy efficiency upgrades for the Post Office.

Candland said each year the town can afford to allocate approximately $150,000 to $200,000 for the Capital Improvement Plan.

The Capital Improvement Plan requests for the Fiscal Year 2013 now total around $500,000, Miller said, more than twice what the town can normally afford in one year.

But Candland said several of the items requested will be funded by grants, not by the CIP budget.

He also said requests will be prioritized before the CIP budget is finalized, and some items will be pushed back to later years or removed from the plan entirely.

"We can kind of bob and weave and move around," he said. "We can remove items, but we would still like the plan to show what we would like to do, what would be ideal," he said.


The Budget Research Committee will continue to review the requests before finalizing the 2013 budget in a few months, Candland said.