It's flu and cold season again and everywhere I go people seem to be sick.

I'm not a germ-a-phobe by any means, but when I am surrounded by all the coughing and sniffling, I am filled with an overwhelming desire to wash my hands and spray everything with Lysol.

Growing up, I was a fairly healthy child. I'm pretty sure I never had the flu. In fact, I don't even remember hearing about the flu. I certainly don't remember ever getting a flu shot yet now it's almost a requirement. And while I still don't get the vaccine, I end up getting one for my kids.

The great thing about the public school system is that they will give the flu vaccine to your elementary and middle school kids right at school. For a busy parent, this is a lifesaver. However, if your child has a history of respiratory issues like my 13-year-old, Quinn, then they can't get the flu mist at school.

So while my two youngest children got vaccinated at school, Quinn and Keeley, my high school student, were still unprotected against the three most common strains of the flu this year. And that meant I had to go and get them flu shots.

Of course, I put it off. It's hard to make that a priority - getting medicine for a sickness you don't even have. I know, I know its preventative but like I said, I never got it as a child or an adult so I still straddle the fence on whether or not it's really necessary.

Anyway, flu season hit with a bang and all of sudden everyone I know has a sick child or is sick themselves. And that's when I remembered that I have two potential flu victims within my household that every day are traveling into a virtual petri dish of germs.

Now my husband, Sean, is definitely aware of all the bacteria and bugs that surround us. Let's just say that if he could wear a mask and gloves and not look like a crazy man, I'm pretty sure he would. So, Sean decided that we needed to get Keeley and Quinn in for the flu shot immediately.

I see signs all the time at drugstores and grocery stores that they have flu shots available so I decided that would be the easiest thing to do. But guess what? As soon as we decided to go, the kids got sick.

Keeley woke up with a sore throat and headache and didn't want to go to church. Quinn went to church and was fine but started feeling sick when he got home. Soon after we got home, he started coughing and looking flushed and, sure enough, he was running a fever. They were both down for the count.

Of course, I immediately jumped to conclusions and assumed they had the flu. I mean, I hadn't gotten them vaccinated after all.

So first thing Monday morning we were off to the doctor where, to my great surprise and relief, we found they did not have the flu. Keeley had a sinus infection and Quinn had some kind of viral infection on top of a sinus infection. Both were pretty sick but still, it wasn't the flu.

That didn't stop me from washing everything in their rooms and cleaning my house from top to bottom just in case. One of the good things that come from your children being sick - an overwhelming desire to sterilize your home.

So now we have a clean home and six people with flu shots. Yes, I not only got Keeley and Quinn vaccinated, I got vaccinated myself. It's amazing how those vaccinations become a priority when the likelihood of getting sick becomes a reality.