Carroll County Times

Do you believe in Orioles magic?

Beige and champagne, fashion mavens concur, are the choice colors for fall.

Not so in and around Baltimore.

Orange and purple are big with us, and for good reason:

Its Oriole Magic and the hope of a Ravens' winning season.

Magic in any form does wonders, and fans, like lemmings, are heading back in droves to Camden Yards.

And what did they wear? Orange, of course: tee shirts, a variety of hats, big buttons, and on Saturday, orange ponchos.

Off and on showers didn't dampen their enthusiasm.

Nor did the thousands of Yankee fans scattered among them. Of course they brought their cheers -loud- with them. They shouted, with a little clap, clap, clap routine for Derek Jeter and another ditty for A-Rod -those most Yankee Yankiests of all!

Orange surely was the choice last weekend. Mayor Rawlings-Blake joined in the fun and urged Baltimoreans to break out the orange.

Orioles' wins last Thursday and Saturday were the stuff of which sports legends are made: bases-loaded home runs, come from behind scores to tie the Yankees then beat them, outfielders "climbing" fences and nearby fans with their hands out. The weekend series had it all.

A 3-1 final score for the O's would have put fans on Cloud Nine.

But a split with the Yankees and the Orioles just one game behind is excitement plus.

Cal Ripken's big day, with presentation of his statue, plus his enthusiasm for today's O's, added another layer of euphoria.

When the Brooks Robinson statue is dedicated later this month, I'm sure there will be on hand hundreds -now grown up- who at birth were named Brooks after that nice guy superstar third baseman.

Wear purple to give the Ravens a good start then bring back the orange.

Will Oriole Magic take us all the way to the you-know-what? It did once.

Why not?