This election is critical for the future of Carroll County, to protect the heritage and values we seek to maintain.

As a life-long resident with children and grandchildren, I have a vested interest in our direction. With 38 years of community service as a volunteer firefighter, and proven strong collaborative community leadership, I have a conservative commitment to providing quality education, ensuring public safety and maintaining the county infrastructure.


The repeated attacks on our public education system and virtually every aspect of county government is absurd. Poor communication has resulted in low morale of county employees, a poor working relationship with the Carroll County Board of Education, decisions being made that don't represent the average citizens, focus on personal agendas and the list goes on. Open communication leads to smart partnerships, which allows for positive working relationships, to fund needed services without increasing taxes.

Commissioners have a duty to represent all in our diverse communities, working together to assure government is operating efficiently. The recent negative political attacks on my campaign, silly signs and printed untruths are a desperate plea for votes. I believe instead people should run on their own merits and record. I want to highlight some of the differences between my opponent's campaign philosophies and my own.

I believe in fully funding public education. Education is the basis for all that we do in society, with huge implications for the future. My opponent, Robin Frazier, voted against public school funding four years in a row and recently voted against increasing school security. We must ensure public safety by supporting our law enforcement and volunteer fire companies. My opponent repeatedly voted against public safety issues and voted to rescind the sprinkler ordinance, an important tool in protecting our volunteer firefighters.

An elected official must be present and work for all constituents. Frazier has the highest meeting absentee record among our current commissioners, and often states she needs more information, seemingly unprepared. Elected officials are responsible for upholding the law, not defying it, and there should be no room for political grandstanding, personal agendas and distractions.

How refreshing would it be to have a commissioner in District 1 who represents the constituents and is focused on our local issues? Every vote counts on June 24. The future of Carroll County is in your hands. I ask for your vote for commissioner in District 1.

Stephen Wantz


The writer is a candidate for county commissioner representing District 1.