Carroll County Times

'Hope Springs' to the screen

This movie delves into how the joy of marriage can fade out of a relationship.

A married couple of thirty one years, Kay, played by Meryl Streep, and Arnold, played by Tommy Lee Jones, seem to enjoy their upper middle class life in Nebraska.

Kay and Arnold are now "empty-nesters" as their kids are out on their own in life.

Arnold, like clockwork, enjoys his work and the golf channel.

Arnold also enjoys how Kay makes him the perfect breakfast of bacon and eggs.

Kay has this desperate feeling that her marriage is suffocating, depressing and unsatisfying to her.

Things have gotten so bad that Kay and Arnold sleep in separate bedrooms.

Kay is from the "old school" of marriage where she doesn't really believe that leaving Arnold is going to solve the problem.

Kay wants that "warm and romantic" Arnold she met so many years ago back in college.

The movie cleverly moves back and forth between Kay's strife wanting more passion in her life versus Arnold's total insistence that their marriage is fine.

Getting Arnold to change his marriage set-up is "like trying to get an angry cat to take a bath."

Through many arguments, Kay finally gets "reluctant" Arnold to go to a couple's retreat in Maine with the renowned Dr. Feld, played by Steve Carrell.

I don't want to give anymore away to this well-written and thoughtful movie.

I would suggest this PG-13 movie to any experienced married couples.

The casting of the movie is perfect since Ms. Streep and Mr. Jones pull off a truly memorable experience.