Emmy's Hope focuses on importance of measles vaccine.

"Emmy's Hope Family Fall Fling"

Moses Montefiore Anshe Emunah Greengate Jewish Center was the venue for an emotional fundraising event whose main purpose was to support the purchase of measles vaccines to be distributed through the Red Cross - Measles, Rubella and Congenital Rubella Syndrome Initiative Program. They will work with non-profits and foundations throughout the world to eliminate measles, rubella and C.R.S. through prevention and vaccination.


Earl Rosenberg, a phenomenal saxophonist, kept this afternoon lively and enjoyable with his fab beautiful nostalgic saxophone music. He is fabulous!

This afternoon event was the second annual opportunity to remember and memorialize Emmalee Madeline Snehal Parker, a precious, darling child adopted at age two-and-a-half, weighing 17 pounds, from an orphanage in Puna, India, who tragically died one month into her eighth birthday.


This was indeed a shock to Emmy's loving parents Erica and Dr. Brian Parker. Emmy's equally loving grandparents, Dottie and Sid Finkelstein, were all absolutely devastated!

Her cause of death was S.S.P.E. (Subacute Sclerosing Pan Encephalitis), a complication from measles.

In the orphanage precious Emmy was adopted from, the children had filthy water, therefore the unfortunate infants and kids had parasites! They also had poor nutrition and untimely vaccines!

The first dose of measles vaccine should be given to your infant at nine months, the second dose at age 12-15 months.


Emmy received her measles vaccine in the orphanage when she was approximately 16 months old. Adorable precious Emmy should have received her second measles vaccine at 16 months of age, not the first dose.

Her loving parents, the Parkers, were told little Emmy probable got SSPE because she was exposed to measles before she was one year old.

Dr. and Mrs. Parker, who immensely loved Emmy, have taken this terrible measles tragedy to inform everyone with the theme, "Help Us Protect Kids! Measles Kills!" They are literally helping to save the lives of children across the world, to properly and timely receive both measles vaccines at proper times, first at nine months, the second at 12-15 months.

The Parkers want to prevent the death of children in both the United States where some parents do not want to immunize their infants and third-world countries from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Last year, a significant milestone in global effort to eliminate measles was reached: the "Measles Initiative" immunized it's one billionth child!"


In 1980, measles was one of the most deadly childhood diseases. It caused an estimated 2.6 million deaths every year.

Every hour, nearly 300 children around the world die of diseases, like measles, that could easily have been prevented with vaccines.

Every child deserves the opportunity of living a long, normal healthy life.

Thanks to the work of governments, the United Nations and the Measles Initiative, measles mortality has decreased by an impressive 78% worldwide.

Erica and Dr. Parker's current focus is the need for a timely MMR measles vaccine for both international travelers and our school children. The CDC states that we need up to 95% coverage by vaccine. Many states do not meet this percentage.

Did you know children can attend public school without vaccines if their parent sign a refusal form?

Lack of measles inoculations can lead to S.S.P.E. that killed precious adored little Emmalee.

The U.S. had more measles in the last year than in the previous decade, frightening.

Remember, "Don't Wait, Vaccinate!"

Emmy's Hope, is registered non-profit (not tax deductible.) For more info or to make a contribution, you can call Emmy's mom, Erica at 717-632-4448 or 717-359-9926 or on the web, http://www.emmyshope.org.

Note: The very first "Emmys Hope" event at Moses Montefiore, funded dollars for the distribution of 4,000 vaccine doses.

Mega thanks Erica and Dr. Brian Parker for bringing awareness to the importance of the measles inoculations, and for their continued valiant efforts to combat death in our United States and in third-world countries regarding vaccines for preventable diseases!

Among the many supporters at this second fundraising event, in addition to Emmy's parents and grandparents, Rabbi Yerachmiel Shapiro, spiritual leader Moses Montifiore, Jeff Forman, president of MMAE congregation, Marilyn and Bob Meyerson, Bob is board chair. Plus Phyllis and Mel Pollack, Toba Falk, Esther Fleischman, Donna Goldman, Essie Cohen, Sandy Krome, Allan Diener, Len Frier, Pam and Moisha Lewack, Shelby and Dale Gubin, Lynn, Natalie and Pete Grossman, Marilyn and Henry Sherr, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dobres and many others too numerable to list due to space limitations.

Thank you Moses Montefiore Synagogue, venue for this annual event.

Mega thanks both, Earl Rosenberg, fab saxophonist, for his wonderful continuous entertainment. Behind the scene, Earl's wife, Barbara, amplified the sweet sounds of the saxophone on technical equipment. Thanks also Marty Kurland, magician, who did a great job entertaining the kids attending this event.

Thanks also Irv Lustman and Ruby Sugarman assisting at the reception desk.

Special thanks, Ben Tabatchnik of Tabatchnik Fine Kosher Foods, located in New Jersey. This company has developed a very special humanitarian product poised to play an important role in addressing severe and acute malnutrition, particularly in parts of Africa. There is a patent pending for this product and once finalized, will completely be an open source to distribute this peanut-based product that literally saves lives. "Nutta Butta" is an unbelievable breakthrough to keep children across the world from suffering and dying from malnutrition! Ben, through Tabatchnik Fine Kosher Foods, has generously donated 1,000 pounds of "Nutta Butta" to benefit this cause. Ben, again, thanks!

Note: Perhaps because of the overcast weather a day prior to Super Storm Sandy, the largest storm in a decade, attendance was low, however, the event raised enough money to provide funds for the availability for 1,200 measles MMR doses, to be distributed, through the above listed Red Cross - Measles, Rubella & Congenital Rubella Syndrome Initiative Program.

Kudos to a very caring and dedicated great job by Erica and Dr. Parker and the involvement of Erica's parents Dottie an Sid Finkelstein, MMAE, in bringing this measles plight to the forefront. Sincerest condolences on the loss of your beloved Emmy. Her name and your valiant efforts to help parents realize the importance of "Prevention through Vaccination" is extremely important! L'Chaim!

Pikesville Senior Center

This active Senior Center located in the heart of Pikesville, 1301 Reisterstown Road, hosted a fun, leisurely, relaxing Sunday afternoon with a social event titled "Italian." Who doesn't love Italian?


A capacity number of seniors enjoyed the friendship, camaraderie of those attending. There is always a waiting list for events at this center!


An added bonus was Jonathan Rudie, playing delightful music on his mandolin prior to the guests being seated for the salad/cheese lasagna early dinner.

After dinner, all the attendees enjoyed the sound and sound of Frank Sinatra via talented Frank Currerri.

An added bonus, Judy Finifter, the friendly and very efficient director, Pikesville Senior Center, took pictures of many attendees standing next to a life-size silhouette of Sinatra!

Again, Blanche and Sid Katz, the very efficient chairs of many events, chaired this "Italian" themed afternoon. Their very efficient committee included Estelle Roll, president of the Center, Kathy Bummet, the Center's ace decorations coordinator, Shirley Rhone, Dottie Allen, Jackie Stern, Vicky Becker, Sandy Ashkenas, Dottie and Al Keslinger.

In addition to the above listed, also among the "Italian" revelers Debbie Blank, Michelle Tuerk, Florence Lefkin, Irv Cohen, Irene and Frank Bressler, Saundra Phillips, Elaine Polansky, Vicky and Stuart Becker, Lorraine Berkowitz, Martha Bromberger, Elaine and Joel Hurwitz, Sylvia Maslan, Ivan Oshrine, Sally Posner, Carroll Rubin, Sylvia Cooper, Evelyn Schwartzman and others too numerable to list due to space limitations.

A fun afternoon was enjoyed by everyone!

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