Maryland's primary election is today

Today is Maryland's primary election. Polls are open continuously throughout the county from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. today.

Maryland has a closed primary. That means registered Republicans can only vote for Republican candidates and registered Democrats can only vote for Democratic candidates.

Sample ballots can be found on the Carroll County Board of Elections webpage at ccgovernment.carr.org/ccg/election.

All registered voters may choose no more than two of the seven candidates for the nonpartisan Board of Education race. The field will be narrowed to four candidates for two seats in November's general election.

Republican voters will be able to vote for one of eight presidential candidates, including front runners Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. They will also choose one of 10 candidates for U.S. Senate, and up to three delegates and up to three alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Incumbent Andy Harris is running unopposed for the Republican nomination for Representative in Congress in Congressional District 1. Republicans in Congressional District 8 will choose one of four candidates: Gus Alzona, Shelly Skolnick, Ken Timmerman and Dave Wallace.

Democrats may vote for President Barrack Obama in the presidential race, or cast an uncommitted to any presidential candidate vote, according to sample ballots on the county board of elections website.

Democrats will also choose one of nine candidates for U.S. Senate, and can vote for up to four male delegates and alternative delegates to the National Democratic Convention and up to three female delegates to the convention in Congressional District 1, and up to five male delegates and five female and alternative delegates in Congressional District 8.

In Congressional District 8, registered Democrats can choose between incumbent Chris Van Hollen and George English for Representative in Congress; in District 1, they will choose one of three candidates: John LaFerla, Kim Letke and Wendy Rosen.