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Letter: Country worse off with Obama

I would like to respond to Tom Zirpoli's Sept. 19 column, "With freedom comes responsibility."

Our embassies come under attack by Muslin extremists and our ambassador and others in Libya are killed and American prestige in the area is undermined. So how does Zirpoli respond to the crisis? He, like Obama, takes a situation and spins it to his ideology. Zirpoli's opinion column, echoing Obama's ideology, implies these terrorist attacks were spontaneous (no way) and that we in the United States were responsible, not the Muslin extremists.

Zirpoli diverts attention from the real problem -- a planned attack against Americans - and blames an anti-Islamic "film that reflects the hatred of a very small minority of Christians and Jews who are unable to tolerate people from different faiths" (do you see the irony here), and "hurts the religious feelings of Muslims."

Zirpoli can't blame the Obama administration's policies for the attacks, so he attacks Mitt Romney for criticizing the official apologetic response to the problem. He states that Romney's comments made him look uninformed and reckless. Again, Zirpoli diverts our attention from the real problem of Obama's failed policies in the Middle East. The person that is uniformed and reckless is not Romney, it is Obama.

Look at the Middle East. The so-called Arab Spring is finished and the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over. Obama helped clear the way for them to come to power by ousting two of our allies in the region, Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and Hasni Mubarak (who kept his treaty with Israel) in Egypt, but he left America's real enemies, Bashar al-Assad in Syria and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran in power. Obama also sides with the Palestinians while undermining our traditional allies like Israel. Under no other president has the U.S. seen such an erosion of influence in the world and deterioration of prosperity at home as we now see with Obama.

Speaking of prosperity and failed policies, don't forget the $16 trillion debt. Obama is burdening future generations of Americans with crippling debt. The government borrows from China and others 40 cents of every dollar it spends. Under Obama, the debt rose from about $10 trillion to $16 trillion in four years. If he's re-elected the debt will probably grow to $20 trillion. How will America recover? Or will America end up like Greece, but with no one to bail us out?

Carl Burdette