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Westminster Halloween Parade award results announced

The following are the results from the Westminster Halloween parade that was held Oct. 29. The first number is the category entry number and then the description.
#1-Youngest child, T13, 7 weeks old; #2-Cutest child, 1st place, P25, Octopus; #3-Cutest child, 2nd place, J09, Cupcake; #4-Most Comical Individual, 1st place, J13, Charlie Brown; #5-Most Comical Individual, 2nd place, P41, Tie Dye Wig Man; #6-Most Comical Group, P27, Girl Scouts - Troop 584; #7-Individual Most Symbolic, 1st place, P40, Zombie; #8-Individual, Most Symbolic, 2nd place, P08, Power Ranger; #9-Group Most Symbolic, 1st place, J11, Monster on a Leash; #10-Group Most Symbolic, 2nd place, J29, Spirit of Halloween; #11-Cutest Children's Group, 1st place, J01, Pirate Boat; #12-Cutest Children's Group, 2nd place, J27, Pixel Group; #13-Most Original Individual, 1st place, J33, Crab in a Pot; #14-Most Original Individual, 2nd place, P16, Robot Man; #15-Most Original Group, J25, Domestic Violence; #16-Most Elaborate Individual, P34, Ghost of Michael Jackson; #17-Best Group 5-10 persons, P04, Tank; #18-Best Group 10 and above, J28, The Cow; #19-Special Prize, P37, Robin Hood and Crew; #20-Special Prize, J10, Beauty and the Beast; #21-Special Prize, J22, Star Wars; #22-Special Prize, J02, Madelyn Alt-Baton; #23-Floats, 1st Prize, P01, Farm yard w/rabbits; #24-Floats, 2nd Prize, J14, Cemetery; and #25-Majorette Group, J07, Twirlers.
These are all of the results. If you were not able to receive your prize the night of the parade, go to the American Legion Post 31 in Westminster to pick it up; you will need your entry number to claim your prize.