Local Auto Racing Results


DATE: May 25


RACE: Smokey Snellbaker Memorial 16-lap All American Outlaws Feature

WINNER: Brooks Coleman, Mount Airy


CARROLL FINISHERS: 2nd Justin Cullum, Manchester Justin Cullum also won his heat race. 4th Fred Cullum, Manchester Fred Cullum also won his heat race. 6th Scott Jorda, Westminster; 7th Brittany Coleman, Mt.Airy; 11th Al Daniels, Mt Airy; 14th Tony Jorda, Westminster; 16th Allen Daniels, New Windsor

RACE NOTES: Justin Cullum starter outside the front row and grabbed the lead at the drop of the green. Cullum led the first five laps as seventh-place starter Brooks Coleman was moving through the field and grabbed the lead on lap five. Randy Doty stuck his nose under Coleman several times, but Coleman rebuffed the challenges as Cullum took the runner-up spot with two laps to go, but Coleman was on his way to victory. Coleman was in victory lane for the second consecutive year. Justin Cullum finished second, Doty third, Fred Cullum fourth and Bryan Green fifth.

RACE: 20-lap Late Model Sportsman Feature

WINNER: Justin Weaver, Williamsport


CARROLL FINISHERS: 17th Chaz Walls, Taneytown; 18th Kevin Palmer, Woodbine; 21st Chad Myers, Hampstead Myers also won his heat race.

RACE: 15-lap Pure Stock Feature

WINNER: Dave Stouffer Jr., Hagerstown.

CARROLL FINISHER: 9th Nick Dibella, Mount Airy

RACES: 15-lap Hobby Stock Features

WINNERS: Kenny Thomas, Greencastle, Pa. and Michael Hyatt, Martinsburg, W. Va.


DATE: May 26

RACE: 30-lap Ray Tilley Classic 30-lap 410 Super Sprint Car Feature

WINNER: Brent Marks, Myerstown, Pa.

RACE NOTES: Blane Heimbach started on the pole and grabbed the lead from second-place starter Brent Marks at the drop of the green. Heimbach was chased by Marks for more than half the race as Heimbach began to open up a lead in the first five laps. He quickly began to encounter slower traffic as Marks raced a distant second and third-place Greg Hodnett held down third.

At the halfway point, Marks was closing fast using the high-line and on lap 16 moved into striking distance.

On lap 18, Marks powered around the outside of Heimbach coming out of turn two and stole the lead. Heimbach attempted to take it back using the inside lane racing back into the third turn to no avail. Once in front, Marks started to stretch his lead but had to take evasive action in turn two on lap 20 when Colby Wormer's car did a 360-degree spin in front of him. On the lap 21 restart, Marks continued to set the pace as Greg Hodnett drove by Heimbach for second. In the final laps, Marks soared to a convincing 3.5-second margin of victory worth $5,000. Hodnett finished second, Heimbach third, sixth-place starter Pat Cannon was fourth and Rick Lafferty fifth. The win was Marks' first at Selinsgrove. Members of the Tilley and Grimm families were in attendance to present Marks with a custom trophy to commemorate his Tilley Classic victory. Tilley won four track championships at Selinsgrove during the late 1960's. He died in 2011 at the age of 77.

RACE: 20-lap Super Sportsman Feature

WINNER: Chad Trout, Dover, Pa.

RACE: 20-lap 305 Sprint Feature

WINNER: Mike Wagner II, Harrisonville, Pa.

DATE: May 25

RACE: 25-lap 358 Sprint Feature

WINNER: Jason Shultz, Carlisle, Pa.

RACE: 25-lap Late Model Feature

WINNER: Dylan Yoder, Selinsgrove, Pa.

RACE: 15-lap Pro Stock Feature

WINNER: Kyle Bachman, Selinsgrove, Pa.

RACE: 12-lap Roadrunner Feature

WINNER: Bob Bussey, Northumberland, Pa.


DATE: May 25

RACE: Hilly Rife Memorial 30-lap 410 Super Sprint Feature

WINNER: Brian Montieth, Phoenixville, Pa.

RACE NOTES: Time trials and an inversion of eight put Jim Siegel and Danny Dietrich on the front row for the start of the 410 feature. Siegel drove away to the early lead while Dietrich stumbled on the start and yielded to row two starters J.J. Grasso and Gerald McIntyre, Jr. on the first lap. Dietrich rebounded to claim third and then raced wheel to wheel with McIntyre from laps six through 11 before moving back into second. Dietrich raced side-by- side with Siegel for two laps before sliding in front of Siegel to grab the lead on lap 14. Dietrich led the next 10 laps before Siegel reclaimed the lead on lap 24. Dietrich and Siegel passed each other in every turn as Dietrich was scored the leader again on laps 25 and 26. They made contact twice coming out of turn four, with both driving out of potential crashes in heavy lapped traffic. Dietrich, nearly out of control, slowed just enough for third-place starter Brian Montieth to cross four-thousands of a second in front of him at the flagstand as the caution flag was coming out. Montieth led the rest of the way, but a late charge by Fred Rahmer, who started seventh, made it close. Rahmer caught Dietrich with two laps to go and finished second, Dietrich was third, eighth-place starter Alan Krimes was fourth and Marks fifth. Montieth picked up $5,000.

RACE: 20-lap 358 Sprint Feature

WINNER: Chandler Leiby, Carlisle, Pa.

RACE: 15-lap Legend Cars Feature

WINNER: Lucas Montgomery, York, Pa.


DATE: May 25

RACE: 20-lap Classic Cars Feature

WINNER: Matt Wallace, Mount Airy

CARROLL FINISHER: 7th Pete Neal, Taneytown Neal also won his heat race.

RACE: 21-lap Late Model Feature

WINNER: J.R. Rodriguez, Dover, Pa.

RACE: 21-lap Street Stock Feature

WINNER: Randy Zechman, Littlestown, Pa.

CARROLL FINISHER: 13th Don Zechman, Westminster

RACE: 21-lap Xtreme Stock Feature

WINNER: Travis Horan, York, Pa.

RACE: 15-lap Road Warriors Feature

WINNER: Daryl Sipe, York Haven, Pa.

RACE: 10-lap Mini Van Feature

WINNER: Donny Groft, Mountville, Pa.


DATE: May 24

RACE: 25-lap 358 Sprint Feature

WINNER: Jeff Rohrbaugh, York, Pa.

CARROLL FINISHERS: 2nd Brad McClelland, Westminster McClelland also won his heat race. 10th J.B. Cunningham, Westminster Cunningham also won his heat race.

RACE: 25-lap 600cc Micro Sprint Feature

WINNER: David Holbrook, Parkton

CARROLL FINISHER: 14th Jeremy Glass, Sykesville

RACE: 15-lap Limited Stock Feature

WINNER: Terry Hartlaub, New Oxford, Pa.

CARROLL FINISHER: 9th Todd Miller, Mt. Airy

RACE: 20-lap Street Stock Feature

WINNER: Bill Foster, Hanover, Pa.


DATE: May 25

RACE: 25-lap 410 Super Sprint Feature

WINNER: Danny Lasoski, Dover, Missouri

RACE: 20-lap 305 Sprint Feature

WINNER: Logan Wagner, Harrisonville, Pa.

RACE: 20-lap Late Model Feature

WINNER: Coleby Frye, Dover, Pa.


DATE: May 25

RACE: 25-lap Bill Heckert Memorial for Super Sportsman

WINNER: Rick Barr, Camp Hill, Pa.

RACE: 20-lap 358 Late Model Feature

WINNER: Gene Knaub, Dover, Pa.

RACE: 15-lap Street Stock Feature

WINNER: Kevin Sigler


WILLIAMS GROVE SPEEDWAY: May 31 7:30 pm 410 Super Sprints and 358 Sprints; June 1 6:30 pm Super Sportsman, 358 Late Models, and Street Stocks

TRAIL-WAY SPEEDWAY: May 31 7:30 pm 358 Sprints, Legend Cars, Limited Stocks, and Street Stocks

LINCOLN SPEEDWAY: June 1 7:30 pm 410 Super Sprints, 358 Sprints, and All American Outlaws


SELINSGROVE SPEEDWAY: June 1 7 pm 358 Sprint, Late Models, Pro Stocks, and Roadrunners


PORT ROYAL SPEEDWAY: June 1 7 pm 410 Super Sprints, Late Models, and Pro Stocks

HAGERSTOWN SPEEDWAY: June 1 7 pm Late Model Speedweek Opener and Pure Stocks

SUSQUEHANNA SPEEDWAY: June 1 7:00pm Late Models, Street Stocks, Xtreme Stocks, PENN MAR Vintage Cars, Road Warriors/ Mini Vans, and Figure-8 Racing