Barbara Bostian buys a lottery ticket from Kay Reaver at Thunderhead Bowl & Grill on Wednesday.
Barbara Bostian buys a lottery ticket from Kay Reaver at Thunderhead Bowl & Grill on Wednesday. (KEN KOONS/STAFF PHOTO , Carroll County Times)

TANEYTOWN - Barbara Bostian approached a red Maryland Lottery register and purchased a pair of 5 Card Cash tickets at Thunderhead Bowl & Grill Wednesday.

Perhaps she will get lucky and win a prize of up to $100,000.

If not, perhaps the Powerball pool she's part of with several Random House co-workers turned up a winning number for last night's estimated $360 million jackpot, the third-largest in the game's history.

For a few bucks, Bostian, of Taneytown, is willing to give both games a shot. While the chances of winning a jackpot in both games are tiny, Thunderhead is proof that both games can provide lucrative returns.

A Thunderhead customer was picked the Maryland Lottery Hit it Big Contestant for the Baltimore Orioles game Tuesday night.

The contest is a second-chance promotion for 5 Card Cash participants. The winner received $500 simply for being selected. Thunderhead staff declined to name the winning ticket holder, figuring the winner wanted to remain anonymous.

Two months ago, at the same register where Bostian made her ticket purchase, a Thunderhead employee sold a $1 million Powerball ticket, according to a Maryland Lottery press release.

The winner claimed it and remains anonymous. Thunderhead staff still aren't sure of the victor's identity or much else, for that matter.

"We don't know for sure which employee sold it," General Manager Kay Reaver said.

All they know is one of their customers got lucky and that Thunderhead received a $2,500 commission for selling the winning ticket. The business used the money to purchase new bowling pins, Thunderhead consultant Mark Kraus said.

When the Powerball jackpot swells to an enormous figure, their regular customers are eager to purchase more tickets than usual in the hopes that they could be next.

"I think it brings in people who occasionally play," Kraus said. "It's the whole idea of, this is a big jackpot, so why not take the chance?"

Thunderhead advertises that it is a Maryland Lottery retailer with a giant sign outside the business. They sell Keno, Pick 3, Pick 4, Mega Millions, Powerball tickets and more.

Typically, customers purchase them in the morning on their way to work or while they are there anyway to bowl, Kraus said. Thunderhead wanted to give adults an additional way to have fun while they were already there with friends and family bowling.

The $1 million ticket sold in March was the first huge winner for Thunderhead. But there's always a chance that another major prize is out there, hence why Bostian arrived Wednesday for 5 Card Cash. She didn't need a Powerball ticket.

"Already have it," she said of her Powerball entries. "A bunch of us go into it together for that every week. We always do."