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Letter: Teachable moments in prayer controversy

As a longtime elementary school teacher, I tend to see situations through the eyes of my young students, searching for the "lesson" imbedded in current events that play out in the adult realm.

And so it is with the current controversy involving the court injunction to suspend sectarian prayers at county council meetings, and the recent public violation as protest by one commissioner. This matter appears rich with teachable moments:


1. Our nation was founded on principles of freedom of religion, separation of church and state and freedom from tyranny.

2. When these issues become blurred, we seek clarification from our established judicial system.


3. As our society evolves in recognizing human rights and the worth and dignity for all citizens, sometimes adults won't like the court's decisions, especially in emotionally-charged matters, but will comply out of respect for the law and the system.

4. But sometimes, they rebel, and won't.

Sadly that last one is something children don't need to be taught, they see it acted out in the tantrums of their peers.

Terry Greenberg