Letter: Some local politicians more approachable than others

Not that I don't find qualities in Carroll County to be thankful for in your recent column Chris Tomlinson, but the headline made me think about throwing up because make nice is not what I like to be told in my morning newspaper.

As disconcerting as bad news (and opinions) may be, I prefer the precious, limited space to be used for the latter and leave the cheerleading to those in charge of it on the gridiron.


But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised, if not slyly mislead, by your first issue to be thankful for. Me, also, on the Guthrie exit. I just hope we learned our lesson and look back to some of our great superintendents.

No, not the one among them in the past who is serving jail time for child sex abuse, but the last of the great ones, like Ed Schiller and Chuck Eckard. If ol' Chuck could only be brought back for a third time, I would give my turkey a reprieve.

And, yes, even though the commissioners are not walking in the local shops of our towns as they used to, at least four are as transparent (as politicians can be, I suppose) and still very approachable, even when I take them to task (and for that, I say long live Carroll County!)

But then there's Congressman Harris, Del. Shoemaker and Commissioner Rothschild who, for all their blustering and gift wrapping themselves in our beloved American flag instead of meeting with constituents ... well ... SMH. Boy, I hope they join the Guthrie train sooner than later.

Yeah, Chris Tomlinson, I know you led the Trump train in Carroll County, but, hey, none of us is perfect and in the end I am thankful for your determination to use your slotted word space for local issues.

You provide relief from all the inane tweets from the ego grabber in the White House. And, you know, as a tree-hugging liberal Democrat, I can only wish that the next commissioner for District 4 will be more Republican (more Democrat?) like Gov. Larry Hogan, because the governor knows a candidate with Roy Moore's reputation is not someone we want walking the halls of Congress. One in the White House is quite enough, thank you very much, my friend,

And, yes, happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. God knows we need to be happy about something with what's been happening across our great country and our great planet over the last few months.

John D. Witiak

Union Bridge