Letter: Trump doesn't deserve credit columnist gave him

I would like to respond to Mr. Vigliotti's ridiculous assertion that President Trump's record so far is good.

Vigliotti's adherence to Fox News talking points is admirable, but giving Trump credit for the stock market, the economy or job creation is like attributing nice weather to him, each has nothing to do with the other.


Trump has zero legislative victories, which arguably is a good thing, considering the detrimental impact his plans would have on the average American citizen (healthcare in particular). Not a single major campaign promise has been realized, but Trump and his GOP cheerleaders have managed to confirm some of the most abhorrent possible choices for major cabinet positions in Betsy DeVos for Education, Greg Pruitt for EPA and Rick Perry for Energy.

Trump embarrasses America practically daily with his tweets supporting divisiveness, insults to heads of state, political opponents, women and even soldier's families. It is virtually impossible to keep up with his innumerable lies and obfuscations, especially concerning investigations, which have now reached his inner circle including both his son and son-in-law, both whom omitted meeting(s) with Russians. Trump is awash in a wide ranging Special Counsel investigation of Russian campaign meddling and obstruction of justice, which will likely soon morph into an investigation of possible Russian money laundering.

House and Senate intelligence investigations are clearly partisan, having no desire to truly investigate possible Trump misdeeds, but Special Counsel Mueller's investigation has already produced indictments and conspirators are now scrambling, despite Trump's and Fox News' hackneyed claims that there are no connections to Russia and their insistence instead on investigating Hillary Clinton.

Accusations abound that Donald Trump has long been the bag man for Russian oligarchs, who have been laundering cash from global criminal activity in literally hundreds of Trump's private real estate deals for well over a decade. It seems a convenient marriage; an unethical businessman, whom legitimate lenders won't touch to Russian mob bosses having unlimited access to illegal cash. No wonder Trump won't call out Russia and it's also little wonder Trump doesn't want to make the roadmap to Russia (aka his tax returns) public. Mr. Mueller simply needs to follow the money, collusion isn't a crime, but money laundering sure is.

It will be interesting indeed to hear Joe Vigliotti's and Fox News spin when the FBI is leading Donald Trump away in handcuffs!

Ross Dangel