Letter: No one thinks its OK for people to be gunned down

I read with horror the words of Gary Foote's letter on Nov. 24. He wrote, "… we have to admit that this country must think it's OK for children to be gunned down at school… . OK that gunmen can shoot up a night club… ." He included office buildings, music concerts and church services. Is he serious, or is he playing to emotion rather than logic?

My initial reaction was to wonder what kind of a person could come to such a conclusion. The gist of Foote's letter was to advocate for "common-sense [gun control] laws." To many, "common-sense gun laws" is code for banning guns. It seems that those who advocate so rabidly for adding more laws fall into that group.


We have laws in place today which, if strictly enforced by our governing stewards, would work to prevent much of what is going on. It has been revealed that a significant agency of our government might be held accountable for the church shooting in Texas. "The gunman who killed 26 people at a small-town Texas church … was able to buy weapons because the Air Force did not submit his criminal history to the FBI as required by military rules," according to Time.

I could ramble on about the laws which, if enforced, could reduce much of the horrific situations that we've faced in recent times. That, however, is not my reason for writing.

Foote would have us believe that we are a callous, unfeeling, insensitive and barbarous nation. Perhaps he actually believes that. I will admit no such thing. I will hope that Foote is doing what too many are doing these days — attempting to arouse emotion with little regard for factual analysis or employment of reason. That is sad.

Surely, the problem requires resolution. Adding new laws is senseless when we don't enforce the ones we have. Which stewards would enforce the new laws? Why are people who have used guns in the commission of a crime (or multiple crimes) walking the streets today? Our own Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives allowed firearms to illegally walk into Mexico?

If Foote actually believes that "…this country must think it's OK," or even if he says it for an emotional response, well, I'm glad that I don't know anyone who has such thoughts. Not even the NRA thinks it's OK.

Rick Blatchford

Mount Airy