Letters: BOE member-elect says thanks; judge race produced historic result; concerns about cheating voting system

Board of Education member-elect thanks supporters

I wanted to take a moment and thank the citizens of Carroll County. Over 25,000 voters cast a vote that I will forever be grateful for. I am so humbled by all the support I received. From just having a sign in your yard to the volunteers on Election Day, I can’t thank everyone enough. What some said was impossible to do with no big endorsements, no big donations, no door knocking, became a driving force to making it work. I had the recommendation from parents and students. That is what mattered to me. I attended community events and used social media. I said from the start that I want to be a Board Member that will listen to the communities, the families, the teachers and most importantly the students and I promise to do just that.

My platform was built on the concerns I heard and issues we are facing with our school communities, the drug epidemic and education our children are receiving. Most importantly, why our students were not the priority in decisions. Our students are my priority and always will be.


Citizens are tired of career politicians and want new people to represent them. Citizens don’t want someone that had big money donations. Citizens want someone that actually understands what families are going through and someone that will actually listen.

I have a lot of work ahead of me, and I am extremely hopefully for positive changes. I am only one of five when it comes to voting on the BOE, but our students, our families, our teachers and our communities will always take priority of what is best when it comes time for those decisions. Thank you to all that voted for me that want to build a better, brighter tomorrow today.

Tara Battaglia


Historic win by Oesterreicher gives hope

As a woman who voted for Maria Oesterreicher for Circuit Court Judge of Carroll County, I am thrilled with the results of the race. This was not only a win for Oesterreicher, but it was a win for women, especially those living in Carroll County.

Every day, more and more women are making history just as Oesterreicher did during this election, yet this article only celebrates her triumphant win in its title and first sentence. Personally, this deserves far more excitement and praise by the entire county, and that could’ve been done by simply providing more information on this victory. Oesterreicher received almost 4,000 more votes than Judge Richard Titus, the sitting judge that was appointed in 2016, defeating him with 53 percent of the votes.

This win for Oesterreicher is a perfect example of previous feminists’ dreams. For countless years now, women, and even men have been fighting for equality in the workforce and some even believe that the government needs to be rebuilt due to a lack of equality for women. But by Oesterreicher winning in this election, there is hope coming to our hometowns that the equality will continue to grow. And because of this, Oesterreicher deserves to be celebrated with more than just an article title and one sentence. This win should not be treated like any other typical defeat in the democratic process because it made history.

Victoria Johnson


Concerned about two-party system

As a moderate I am quite concerned that cheating the system to rig districts and deny the ballot to your opponent is becoming acceptable standard practice. So much so that the apparent Governor elect in Georgia openly cheated and treated it as a badge of courage. On the other hand I must disagree with Megan Flynn’s article in today’s Carroll County Times.

If my party’s (I vote Independent) is under indictment but still on the ballot I would definitely vote for him or her unless their proven actions in office were contrary to my expectations. The reason being is that an indictment is not a conviction. Should it progress to a conviction another member of my party would likely be named as a replacement. Why would I vote for the other party’s candidate who doesn’t represent my point of view? On the other hand this is just another example of why everyone should join with me in abandoning the two party system that seems to be this nation’s biggest road block to being great again.


Steven Davidson

New Windsor