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"Bridesmaids" (R). A bride to be (Maya Rudolph) worries that her upcoming wedding will be ruined by her increasingly jittery best friend and maid of honor (Kristen Wiig). This is an uneven comedy, but there are endearing performances and a few very funny scenes. Grade: B TownMall Cinemas (1:00, 4:00, 7:00, 9:50)


"Fast Five" (PG-13). The latest "Fast and Furious" installment is, er, as fast and furious as ever. Its vaguely plotted story is really about muscles flexing and cars crashing in scenic Rio de Janeiro. The long running time will wear out all but the most ardent fans. Thespians include Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Paul Walker. Grade: C TownMall Cinemas (12:50, 3:50, 6:50, 9:40)

"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" (PG-13). Not reviewed. Johnny Depp returns in this fourth installment of the "Pirates" franchise as Captain Jack Sparrow who crosses paths with Blackbeard and a woman from his past. TownMall Cinemas (12:30, 1:15, 3:30, 4:15, 6:30, 7:15, 9:30, 10:15)


"Priest" (PG-13). Futuristic tale about a vampire-killing priest. The characters and story have so little substance that you mostly just find yourself watching motorcycles race across the desert. Grade: C- TownMall Cinemas (1:50, 4:50, 7:50, 10:00)

"Rio" (G). Two tropical birds (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway) are chased by smugglers through the Brazilian rain forest and also through the carnival-festooned streets of Rio in this animated 3-D comedy. The hectic chases and colorful musical production numbers are likely to amuse the kids. Grade: B Town Mall Cinemas (2:00, 4:45, 6:55, 9:15)

"Something Borrowed" (PG-13). Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski are friends who go through all sorts of complications as they sort out their feelings for each other. Manhattan and the Hamptons are the upscale backdrop for a romantic comedy that seems forced, but also has its share of enjoyable moments. Grade: B- TownMall Cinemas (1:40, 4:40, 7:40, 10:15)

"Soul Surfer" (PG). This inspirational drama is based on the true account of a teen surfer in Hawaii who loses an arm in a shark attack, but is determined to competitively surf again. Predictable dialogue makes it seem a bit formulaic, but heartfelt conviction sees it through. With AnnaSophia Robb as the girl, and Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt as her parents. Grade: B- Town Mall Cinemas (1:45, 5:00, 7:45, 10:05)

"Thor" (PG-13). When the heaven-dwelling Thor (Chris Hemsworth) finds himself exiled to earth, he contends with both government agents and outer space monsters. He also falls in love with a research scientist (Natalie Portman). It's a big and busy movie whose Norse trappings can't quite disguise the familiarity of its superhero storytelling. Grade: B TownMall Cinemas (1:30, 4:30, 7:30, 10:10)

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