Two arrested at BWI airport with handguns in carry-ons

Two people have been arrested at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport in as many days for attempting to board planes with handguns in their carry-on bags, Transportation Security Administration officials said Friday.

A Prince George's County man was arrested on Thursday after security agents spotted a handgun in his bag. On Friday, Maryland Transportation Authority police arrested a woman who attempted to pass through security with a .38 handgun.


TSA said that the firearm spotted on Thursday had been reported stolen. However, MTA Police, which investigated the incident after being called to the scene by TSA agents, determined the gun was not stolen, said 1st Sgt. Jonathan Green, a police spokesman.

The man, identified by police as Dwight Tennyson, 52, of Melwood Park in Upper Marlboro, had been ticketed to fly to Detroit. He was charged with interfering with security procedures and with unlawful transporting a weapon.


TSA provided no information about the woman arrested Friday. Her gun marked the sixth TSA officers have caught at BWI checkpoints this year.

Legal firearms must be declared and stored unloaded in special cases for air travel.

Also on Thursday, a gun was discovered in a passenger's carry-on bag at Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, the 11th of the year there. Nationwide, the TSA has detected more than 1,000 guns at checkpoints so far this year.

At Washington Dulles International Airport, agents have detected four firearms.