Huguely files appeal in Love murder conviction

Attorneys for George Huguely V, convicted last year of beating his girlfriend Yeardley Love to death in a highly-publicized case, appealed the case earlier this month.

Huguely, a former University of Virginia lacrosse player, was convicted of second-degree murder in February 2012 and sentenced to 23 years in prison last August. Prosecutors argued that in 2010 he drunkenly beat Love, of Cockeysville, in her bedroom and left her there bleeding. Love, a fellow University of Virginia student, was later found dead.

Huguely's attorneys argue the court erred by continuing the trial when one of his attorneys was sick, failing to properly define "malice" for jurors basing their decision on that definition, and by allowing jurors who had expressed opinions on the case to continue to serve. The Virginia Court of Appeals accepted the case in April and attorneys filed their opening brief on August 7.

The case received significant national press attention and Huguely's attorneys said that instead of ensuring their client received a fair trial amid that scrutiny, the proceedings were rushed.

The commonwealth's prosecutors have until September 3 to respond and have not yet done so as of Thursday.

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