Paint company pays $570,000 waste fine

The Sherwin-Williams Co. has agreed to pay $570,000 to settle alleged hazardous-waste violations at its southwest Baltimore paint plant, the Environmental Protection Agency announced Tuesday.

EPA cited the Cleveland-based company for illegally storing hazardous wastes, including waste paint, resins and aerosol containers, at its factory in the 2300 block Hollins Ferry Road. A June 2009 inspection found some wastes in damaged, leaking and improperly maintained 55-gallon drums and tanks, according to the EPA.

The government accused the company of storing wastes for more than 90 days in violation of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, failure to date and properly label the containers, failure to properly close them and keep them from leaking, failure to inspect them regularly and failure to respond immediately to wastes leaking from some rusted or damaged drums.

Under the consent agreement signed with EPA, Sherwin-Williams did not contest the agency's allegations, but didn't admit to them either.

A spokesman for Sherwin-Williams said the company had no comment on the case.

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