St. Mary's County warns of potential dam failure

St. Mary's County has notified residents downstream from St. Mary's Lake Dam of significant flooding from heavy rains that came along with Hurricane Irene. The county had warned residents that the dam could fail.

Eddie Hopkins, a spokesman for the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, said this morning that the water levels at the dam had reached 68 feet; the dam can fail when water reaches 71 feet. No residents have been forced to leave their homes, and Hopkins said officials at this time do not expect a breech.

People within the affected area were advised to move people and pets to high locations or upper floors of buildings with a means of escape, as well as turn off gas, electricity and water if water is about to enter the home.

They should also avoid walking in, driving in or touching flood water and wash hands thoroughly after touching it.

Roads that are affected include: Indian Bridge Rd in the Great Mills area, Point Lookout Road in the Great Mills area, Knott Drive, Onion Fields Lane, Western Branch Lane, Montgomery Lane, Flat Iron Road, Goddard Road, Ronnie Lane, Poppy's Way, Adkins Road, Brook Mill Court, Old Great Mills Road, Soaring Eagle Way and Wind Mill Circle.

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