Baltimore Science Fair Winners

Grand Prize Winners in the 2011 Baltimore Science Fair

These high school students will represent the Greater Baltimore region in the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair, May 8-13 in Los Angeles. Students win a $200 cash prize and all-expenses paid trip to the competition.

Physical Science: Michael Tontchev, Ingenuity Project, Polytechnic Institute. "Subject identification in a sentence using plain context-free grammars."

Biological Science: Jai Thakor, River Hill High School. "The Effects of Neuronal Injury: Survival, Retraction, or Wallerian Degeneration?"

First Place Awards, Division I (grades 9-12). Winners receive a $150 cash prize.

Physical Science: Hank Zwally, Centennial High School. "The Effect of a Horizontal Thermo-Saline Gradient on the Freeze and Thaw Cycles of Sea Ice."

Biological Science: Elias Weston-Farber, junior in the Ingenuity Project at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. "The effects of codon optimization on Ty1 transposition" (Understanding rogue DNA elements existing within the genome of most organisms).

First Place Awards, Division II (grades 6-8). Winners receive $50 cash prize.

Physical Science: Jeffrey Tse, Dunloggin Middle School. "The Stability of Vitamin C in Orange Juice."

Biological Science: Ki Wook Koo, Ellicott Mills Middle School. "The Effect of Different Types of Fruit Extract on the Number of Bacteria Colonies in Ground Beef."

Second Place Awards, Division I. Winners receive a $100 cash prize.

Physical Science: Joseph Park, Centennial High School. "Feasibility of the Use of Pigeon Pea Urase to Utilize C5 Sugars in Lignocellulosic Ethanol Production."

Biological Science: Alexander Lo, Centennial High School. "Up-regulation of TMEM16A/Calcium-Activated Chloride Channels in Chronic Hypoxic Rats."

Second Place Awards, Division II. Winners receive a $25 cash award.

Physical Science: Joey Thomas, Franklin Middle School. "Sunergy."

Biological Science: Paige Anders (also a 2010 second-prize winner), Pine Grove Middle School. "The Effect of Animal Waste on Algal Blooms."

In addition, 16 honorable-mention awards were made. And numerous prizes were awarded by independent groups and professional organizations.

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