Silver Spring woman wins $2.35M lawsuit against Shady Grove Hospital

A Silver Spring woman has won a $2.35 million malpractice lawsuit against Shady Grove Adventist Hospital in Rockville after a misdiagnosis resulted in the amputation of several fingers, most of her right foot and left leg.

Yesenia Rivera, 28, arrived at the hospital's emergency room in shock and complaining of severe abdominal pain on Aug. 3, 2006. She'd been diagnosed with kidney stones two days earlier and sent home, said Julia Arfaa, her attorney. Hospital staff, however, said they believed she had an ectopic pregnancy and did not treat the kidney problem until hours later.

By that time, the woman had been given too few fluids and too much medication. She developed gangrene in her extremities, Arfaa said.

The jury found that the emergency room doctor, critical care physician and hospital failed to adequately treat the patient, the attorney said.

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