Rabid fox bites visitor at Six Flags in Bowie

The Prince George's County Health Department is looking for individuals and animals who may have been in contact with a rabid fox that bit a visitor at Six Flags America in Bowie last Saturday.

"Because rabies is a highly transmittable and treatable disease, the Health Department is taking all measures to locate any individuals that may have come in contact with this infected fox or any other infected animal," said health officer Dr. Donald Shell.

The health department could not provide inforrmation about the visitor who was bitten. But the agency said that person, as well as two others who were trying to scare the fox away, have to undergo post-rabies vaccination treatment. The fox was caught Tuesday and tested positive for rabies at a state laboratory.

Anyone who may have had contact with or was bitten by a fox should contact the Prince George's County Health Department immediately at (301) 583-3750. After business hours, or on the weekend or holiday, the number to contact is (240) 508-5774.

The initial signs of rabies in animals may include a distinct change in behaviors, including aggression or passivism, staggering, convulsions, frothing at the mouth ot gradual paralysis, the health department said.


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