What census data tells us about population growth in Maryland and the U.S.

Census data released Monday showed the U.S. population grew at the slowest rate since the Great Depression. Likewise, Maryland’s population growth followed suit, growing at the slowest rate in 180 years.

Here’s five graphics that tell the story of the 2020 Census:

Utah was the fastest-growing state and West Virginia the slowest. Maryland was in the middle of the pack among U.S. states.

The U.S. now has 335 million people and Maryland is now the 18th most-populous state, up from 19th in the 2010 Census.

Maryland held on to eight seats in the House of Representatives. Overall, states in the Northeast and Midwest lost seats, while states in the South and West gained seats in the House.

Maryland grew at the third-slowest rate since the country began conducting the census to track population.

Despite slowing growth in the 2020 Census, the U.S. population has increased by 65% over the last five decades.