Witnesses' accounts of shooting of Tyrone Brown

Excerpts from witness statements taken after off-duty Officer Gahiji Tshamba shot Tyrone Brown.

"The dark skin gentlemen [Brown] who was walking with the, the two young ladies had his hands in the air and he was walking back, you know, like trying to back up away from the guy [Tshamba]… Next thing you know, the light skin gentleman [Brown] went, took the shot."

— Trillane Hill, 35, no relation to Brown or Tshamba

"I saw the guy with the black t-shirt with his hands up backing away from him [Tshamba, saying] 'man, it's not that serious, wait a minute, wait a minute,' and just all of a sudden, out of nowhere he [Tshamba] pulls out a gun."

Jacqueline Hill, 45, no relation to Brown or Tshamba

"[My brother Tyrone] said 'I like this girl, she's cute' and he grabbed her behind… then the young man in a white t-shirt, white tank top [Tshamba] said 'don't do that, that's disrespect'… then he pulled out what appeared to be a nine millimeter gun."

— Chantay Kangalee, 30, Brown's sister

"She came over, the girl with the short shorts on that he [Brown] touched and slapped him in his face, and then, next thing you know, the guy in the white t-shirt [Tshamba] started running his mouth… and the next thing we hear, 'pop.' He was, he shot, he shot Tyrone."

— Tammy Dodge, 27, friends with Brown

"He [Brown] was running after him [Tshamba] and when Gahiji had gone ahead and said he was a police officer, the guy [Brown] ran towards him and tried to grab the gun, so, he was, he was a lot taller than Gahiji."

— Tina Gill, 35, friends with Tshamba

"Somebody from behind me just smacked me on my ass real hard… I swung, the guy tried to swing back at me and that's when Gahiji was like 'get on the ground' … the guy, he started, he was like coming towards Gahiji and that's when Gahiji pulled his gun out… and the guy started chasing Gahiji."

— Crystal Ramsey, mid-20s, friends with Tshamba, assaulted by Brown

"The guy charged forward as he was trying to take the gun and Gahiji ran from him, and the guy chased him, and then I heard shots were fired."

— Kya Atkinson, 36, friends with Tshamba

SOURCE: Transcripts of taped statements

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