Authorities said a Prince George’s County police officer was involved in a shooting Thursday morning in College Park.

Police said the incident started around 7:45 a.m. at the Home Depot in the 4700 block of Cherry Hill Road near Route 1 and the Capital Beltway interchange. A uniformed, on-duty county police officer was at the store when a manager identified two people who he suspected of stealing hundreds of dollars’ worth of merchandise, according to Prince George’s Police Chief Hank Stawinski.


He said they were known shoplifters to the county police and to store personnel.

When the suspects saw the officer talking to the manager, they each left the store separately. At one point, one of the suspects was pushing a cart full of power tools, a crow bar and other expensive merchandise, police said.

When the second person left the store, the officer began pursuing them.

Stawinski said the two suspects got into a parked car with a third person in the driver’s seat. The officer started to confront them, and the car started to come toward the officer, police said, at which point the officer fired her weapon.

“She’s got a car coming at her,” said Jennifer Donelan, a police department spokeswoman. “She’s in fear for her life.”

A single bullet fired by the officer went through the windshield and into the dashboard of the vehicle, police said. Police said they recovered the round and that no one was injured.

The car then fled and was stopped a few miles away on University Boulevard. Only one person was in the car, and that person is in police custody. Police did not release that person’s name.

Police said they recovered a gold-colored SUV.

The officer is a 9½ year veteran of the department who is assigned to work in College Park. Stawinski said the department has had an undercover robbery suppression unit in the area because shoplifting has been a problem.

Police did not give a description of the other suspects.