New 227 area code coming to Maryland after 240 and 301 phone numbers run out, likely next year

Facing a shortage of new phone numbers to distribute in several Maryland counties, state officials have announced the upcoming rollout of a new area code — 227 — which will be used in areas currently assigned 240 and 301.

Residents and businesses in Allegany, Charles, Garrett, Montgomery, Prince George’s, St. Mary’s and Washington counties fall into that category. Other impacted counties include Frederick, Howard, Carroll and Anne Arundel.


Officials with the Maryland Public Service Commission announced the changes last week.

They said people with existing 240 and 301 phone numbers will not have to change them; the new area code will be assigned only to new numbers in that region.


Officials estimated that the existing supply of 240 and 301 numbers will run out in mid-2023.

The Public Service Commission voted in August to approve a petition filed by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator, which oversees telephone numbering resources.

This marks the latest change in Maryland area codes since 301 was established in 1947. It served the entire state for 44 years, according to a June letter requesting the change. But in 1991, the 410 area code was introduced in the Baltimore and Annapolis areas. Then 240 and 443 came along in 1997. In 2012, officials introduced the 667 area code.

Officials said the future influx of 227 phone numbers will not trigger any changes to call dialing in the impacted region, which already requires 10-digit dialing.